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12 Unique Set of Creative Advertisements

Advertising techniques are tools.  you use to attract attention, engage minds, trigger emotions, and change what people think. All of which can lead to sales. Or votes. Or clicks. here list of 12 creative commercial Advertisement sets.

1.  Cigarette is Smoking People – Cancer Patients Aid Association


2.  Fedex:   Express Delivery, Courier


3. Genuine Nature Photography – Animal Planet

Genuine-Nature-PhotographyG Animal-Planet-4 Genuine-Nature-PhotographyG¦(Animal-Planet-3 Genuine-Nature-PhotographyG  Animal-Planet-2 Genuine-Nature-PhotographyG


4.  Alien vs. Predator – Sky DDB New Zealand

Alien-vs Predator-G Sky-DDB-New-Zealand-3 Alien-vs Predator-G Sky-DDB-New-Zealand-2 Alien-vs Predator-G Sky-DDB-New-Zealand-1


5. Fresh Step: Cats everywhere are having a hard time smelling their litter boxes.


6. Nose Hair Trimmer – Panasonic

Nose-Hair-Trimmer Panasonic-3 Nose-Hair-Trimmer Panasonic-2


7.  Red bull give you wings – Red Bull


8.  Anatomy, Dancing Choreography – River North Dance Company


9. Very dirty Mini in the Jubilee Art Project


10.  Animal Anti-Cruelty League: Animals – Not Things


11. Micro-projector 3M: Entertainment, Even in the Kennel


12. Tetris Back in the City – Agency of South Korea’s Daehong Communications