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21 Colorized Historic Black and White Photos

Here is a collection 25 more black and white historic photos restored in color.

1. Wilbur Wright (of the Wright Brothers) clings to his damaged flying machine after an unsuccessful trial on December 14, 1903

Wilbur-Wright-Prone-on-Powered-Airplane-in-colorized Wright-Brothers-Powered-Airplane

credit: Jared Enos


2. Getting around in South Mississippi, July, 1936

ColorizedHistory11 ColorizedHistory11-1

Image source: Captain-Cliche


3. Yvonne (13) and Alexander (12) Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn take drink and smoke on yacht near Majorca

ColorizedHistory3 ColorizedHistory3-1

Image source: Bennity


4. Soldiers wearing gas masks while peeling onions at Tobruk, October 15, 1941

ColorizedHistory 6 ColorizedHistory 6-1

Image source: Captain-Cliche


5. Boxing match aboard the U.S.S. New York, July 3, 1899

ColorizedHistory2 ColorizedHistory2-1

Image source: Urban2487


6. An Ojibwe Native American spearfishing, Minnesota, 1908

ColorizedHistory4-1 ColorizedHistory4-2

Image source: Captain-Cliche
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