30 Rare Historical Photos

Here are 30 historical photos that will have you looking back at previous years in awe and wonderment – even the photos that are way before your time.


#1. Steamboats chugging along on the Mississippi River in 1907.




#2. A girl being assisted in London, after being rescued from a damaged building caused by a German bombing raid. Clearly, nothing could stop her from smiling.



#3. Testing a new security machine at the Atlanta airport in 1960.

Rare Historical Photos 3

#4. Michael Jackson in an awkward disguise, trying to go incognito on a date with Tatum O’Neal.

 Rare Historical Photos 4

#5. A photo from damaged camera negatives of Ernest Shackleton’s expedition in Alaska.


#6. A very early photo of Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret, riding their rocking horse.



#7. An adorable puppy keeps warm and cuddly between Russian soldiers in Czechoslovakia.

Rare Historical Photos 7

8. Philippe Petit, a tightrope walker, going for an early stroll through -or should we say over – lower Manhattan.


#9. The mascot of the Royal Navy destroyer HMS, Venus the Bulldog, keeps it casual outside of a window in 1941.


#10. 1937 surfers pose in front of their awesome wooden surf boards in Honolulu, Hawaii. This was before the advent of fiberglass boards, and these often weighed more than 100 pounds.


#11. When the country was still divided, someone took this shot of an East German guard passing a flower through the gap in the Berlin Wall.

Rare Historical Photos 11

#12. An 1800’s traveler, making his way through the forests of Japan.

Rare Historical Photos 12


#13. A very young Serena and Venus Williams posing for a photo with former president Ronald Reagan and first lady Nancy Reagan.

Rare Historical Photos 13

#14. Teenage girls experimenting with cigarettes on train taking them to school.


#15. Spiritual Leader Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho) driving a Rolls Royce through a crowd of followers in Oregon. He did a daily drive-by to greet his dedicated followers, who came from all over the world to see him.


#16. Japanese girls hanging out in beautiful kimonos in 1887.


#17. Joe Biden taking his oath of office as senator in 1973 by the bedside of his son Beau. Beau Biden passed away in May 2015 from brain cancer.

Rare Historical Photos 17


#18. Two children from Cuzco, Peru, have their (very dignified and awesome) portrait taken.


#19. A jetpack rider stealing the show at the opening of the LA Olympics in 1984.

Rare Historical Photos 19



#20. A test image of Sammy Davis Jr from the original “Ocean’s Eleven” in Las Vegas. After filming the final scene, a camera man asked to get a shot of the guys standing in front of the Sands marquee. The image became iconic.




#21. A woman resting inside a Soviet passenger plane in 1957.

Rare Historical Photos 21



#22. Douglas Fairbanks holding up a triumphant-looking Charlie Chaplin in the middle of New York City.




#23. Chicago Cubs centerfielder Rick Monday, saving the American flag from being burned by protesters.




#24. During the Paris flood of January 1910, a polar bear got stuck in his flooded enclosure.




#25. A woman chatting on a hand crank telephone.

Rare Historical Photos 25



#26. Members of the IRA patrolling the streets of Dublin, Ireland.




#27. Two men in 1920, playing tennis on the wings of a bi-plane.

Rare Historical Photos 27



#28. Babe Ruth lying unconscious after running into a wall while chasing a fly ball. He regained consciousness five minutes later – and got two more hits in the game.

Rare Historical Photos 28



#29. A photo from the first successful ascent to Everest’s summit on May 29, 1953. The photo depicts New Zealand explorer Edmund Hillary and Nepali sherpa Tenzing Norgay.




#30. This robot used to be inside a German department store. He could light cigarettes, and answer questions in different languages.

Rare Historical Photos 30

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