Glowing Effects Of Black Light Photography

Russian photographer Daria Khoroshavina works an artistic series she entitles “We are all made of stars”. In this series, she pushes creative photography by capturing body painting illuminated under black light. As a result, the paints react to the light and glow in vibrant colors; her works aims to make a chaotic resemblance of space and the sky. Scroll down and check out some of her bizarre photography.


yellow-black-light-photography-2 beautiful-black-light-photography-2 black-light-photography-2 black-light-photography-3 black-light-photography-4 black-light-photography-sensual-3 Daria-Khoroshavinal-black-light-photography-2 face-black-light-photography-2 kiss-black-light-photography-2 lightning-black-light-photography lightning-black-light-photography-1 lightning-black-light-photography-2 paint-body-black-light paint-face-black-light-photo sensual-black-light-photography-2 sensual-black-light-photography-3 sensual-black-light-photography-4

Check out Daria Khoroshavina on her Tumblr. via Naldzgraphics