Coffee Cup Art

Based in San Francisco, artist Miguel Cardona draws creative artworks on the sides of disposable coffee cups. In an interview with Cool Hunting, Cardona reveals that he is refreshingly unpretentious about his work:

Mostly I like robots and skulls. I’m a total 15-year-old boy when it comes to my art sometimes. I once read a story about a woman who had baby squid growing in her gums and I could envision it so well, I had a mini-series of portraits of folks who were suffering and fighting off tentacles from within their own mouths. It kind of sounds morbid, but to me it felt like a very fitting way to express a lot of what I was going through at that time.

Cardona sells his coffee cups online and donates the profits to Project Night Night, a charity devoted to homeless children.

coffee-cup-art-miguel-cardona coffee-cup-art-miguel-cardona-1 coffee-cup-art-miguel-cardona-2 coffee-cup-art-miguel-cardona-3 coffee-cup-art-miguel-cardona-4 coffee-cup-art-miguel-cardona-5 coffee-cup-art-miguel-cardona-6 coffee-cup-art-miguel-cardona-7 coffee-cup-art-miguel-cardona-8 coffee-cup-art-miguel-cardona-9 coffee-cup-art-miguel-cardona-10 coffee-cup-art-miguel-cardona-11 coffee-cup-art-miguel-cardona-12 coffee-cup-art-miguel-cardona-13 coffee-cup-art-miguel-cardona-14 coffee-cup-art-miguel-cardona-15 coffee-cup-art-miguel-cardona-16 coffee-cup-art-miguel-cardona-17 coffee-cup-art-miguel-cardona-18 coffee-cup-art-miguel-cardona-19

Miguel Cardona,  via Cool Hunting