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Creative McDonald’s Advertisements

A Collection of Creative McDonald’s advertising campaigns from all over the world.

McDonald’s: Breakfast

Mcdonalds break fast

Clever newspaper ad for new McDonald’s sandwich in Sweden. [link]


McDonald’s McCafé: Shy Girl


A shy girl / An insecure boy Everything good begins with a good cup of coffee. [Link]


McDonald’s McCafé: Lots of Questions


Lots of questions / Lots of time Everything good begins with a good cup of coffee. [Link]


McDonald’s: Roller coaster

McDonald’s: Roller coaster. [link]


McDonald’s Pedestrian Crossing

McDonald’s: MacFries Pedestrian Crossing [link]


McDonald’s Carrots


Carrots at McDonald’s in Sweden. [link]


McDonald’s: Veggieburger

New: The Veggieburger [link]


McDonald’s Bus Shelter

Open All Night McDonald’s advertising from Australia. [link]


McDonald’s Free Coffee Pole

McDonald’s Free Coffee Pole [link]


McDonald’s Free Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi served at all McDonald’s restaurants. [link]


McDonald’s Napkins

McDonalds metro

the Big’n’Juicy, in Stockholm, Sweden. [link]