Double Exposure Photos With Words Of Wisdom

Florida-based photographer Brandon Kidwell has a knack for capturing double exposure portraits. He decided to combine his work and personal lives through the series titled ‘Wisdom for my Children’.

The fascinating project features double exposure images with complementary advice that he gave his children over the years.


Lost time is never found again.



Being free means having the courage to let go.


Double Exposure Photos BrandonKidwel 8

Be mindful of the roads you choose, they will take you where you are going!



In order to follow your heart, you must first find your mind.



Sometimes what we fear the most is only something we haven’t grasped an understanding of.



Failure and Regret are reserved for those who are afraid to reach with their heart.


Double Exposure Photos BrandonKidwel 9

Strong roots require continual growth, nourish them by reaching far and wide.


Double Exposure Photos BrandonKidwel 10

Life is often best appreciated by walking your path one step at a time.



To find truth, sometimes you have to reach into the darkness.



To find your courage, you must first find your fears.

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