Clever Fashion Illustrations Made Out of Real Flower Petals as Clothing

Real flower petals serve as items of clothing in these clever mixed media fashion illustrations by artist Grace Ciao. Using sketched models as templates, she arranges the petals over them to create elegant gowns and dresses.

Fashion-Illustrations-GraceCiao-1 Fashion-Illustrations-GraceCiao-2 Fashion-Illustrations-GraceCiao-3 Fashion-Illustrations-GraceCiao-4 Fashion-Illustrations-GraceCiao-5 Fashion-Illustrations-GraceCiao-6 Fashion-Illustrations-GraceCiao-7 Fashion-Illustrations-GraceCiao-8 Fashion-Illustrations-GraceCiao-9 Fashion-Illustrations-GraceCiao-10

Using Real Flower Petals Fashion Illustrations


photos via Grace Ciao