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Mind-Boggling Optical Illusions Created With Photo Manipulation

Swedish-born photographer and retoucher Erik Johansson is an undisputed master at photo manipulation, as can be seen from his mind-boggling depictions of everyday scenes with major twists.

surreal-photo-manipulations ErikJohansson1

For each work, Johansson begins with a simple sketch of a concept. Once he determines if the idea is good enough, he starts planning and finding places to capture the raw photographs. Next, he collects the materials needed to construct the final image by shooting hundreds of photos while maintaining similar lighting and perspective. Finally, he combines all the pieces like a puzzle with the help of image manipulation software like Photoshop. The final results are astounding, multilayered compositions that fit together so seamlessly it’s impossible to pull apart each illusion.

surreal-photo-manipulations ErikJohansson2

surreal-photo-manipulations ErikJohansson3 surreal-photo-manipulations ErikJohansson4 surreal-photo-manipulations ErikJohansson5 surreal-photo-manipulations ErikJohansson6 surreal-photo-manipulations ErikJohansson7 surreal-photo-manipulations ErikJohansson8 surreal-photo-manipulations ErikJohansson9 surreal-photo-manipulations ErikJohansson10 surreal-photo-manipulations ErikJohansson11 surreal-photo-manipulations ErikJohansson12

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