Penguin The Magpie Was Rescued And Is Now A Family Pet

In late 2013, 10-year-old Noah Bloom found a deserted magpie chick in a New South Wales suburb. After taking her home and giving her a towel as a bed, the Blooms called a veterinarian friend of the family for advice. They could hand the bird over to an authority, but, being young and abandoned by other magpies, they were told she’d probably be put down. So the Blooms bought some baby bird feed, gave her a name — “Penguin” — and raised her themselves.

Oh, and they set up an Instagram account, which has so far attracted over 27,000 followers.


Now, Penguin is free to fly wherever she pleases, but she never fails to return to the Bloom household to see her favorite humans. According to Cameron, the magpie usually hangs around the family in the morning until the kids leave for school, and then she’ll fly off on her own. But she’s always there to greet the three brothers when they come back in the afternoon, as Cameron tells ABC News: “She’s here at 3:30pm usually when the kids get home from school. She sings when they come up the driveway.”

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