Teh Tarik Man Made of 20,000 Tea Bags by Red Hong Yi

Red Hong Yi has composed a portrait which reflects — both physically and symbolically — the culture of her home country, malaysia. using 20,000 stained teabags of varying hues and colorways, ‘red’ has created a portrait of a ‘teh tarik man’ through the intricate layering and repeating of individually-colored pouches. the portrait is based around ‘teh tarik’, meaning ‘pulled-tea’ in malay — a drink served in local coffeeshops that is sweet and milky, becoming frothy when poured between two containers. cans and a shaved ice machine serve as props in the scene, hung in the foreground.



‘red’ composes the piece using 20,000 teabags of varying hues and colorways


red-hong-yi-layers-20000-teabags-teh-tarik-man-3 red-hong-yi-layers-20000-teabags-teh-tarik-man-4 red-hong-yi-layers-20000-teabags-teh-tarik-man-5 red-hong-yi-layers-20000-teabags-teh-tarik-man-6

red-hong-yi-layers-20000-teabags-teh-tarik-man-7 red-hong-yi-layers-20000-teabags-teh-tarik-man-8 red-hong-yi-layers-20000-teabags-teh-tarik-man-9 red-hong-yi-layers-20000-teabags-teh-tarik-man-10

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