10 Incredible cities which have changed beyond recognition

It seems that time is speeding up with each passing year. More and more changes take place in our lives, and the world around us evolves so fast it sometimes makes our heads spin. You can see this most graphically in big cities. Some of them looked completely different as little as ten years ago.

We thought it was time to take a quick trip back in time to see how much the world around has changed. Take a look — you’ll be amazed by what we found!


Singapore: The 1960s vs. now

1 Singapore The 1960s vs now

Hong Kong: The 1960s vs. the present

2 Hong Kong The 1960s vs the present

Fortaleza, Brazil: 1980 vs. now

3 Fortaleza Brazil 1980 vs now

Shanghai, China: 1990 vs. the present

4 Shanghai China 1990 vs the present


Seoul, South Korea: 1950 vs. the present day

5 Seoul, South Korea 1950 vs. the present day

Toronto, Canada: 1930 vs. now

6 Toronto, Canada 1930 vs now

Nairobi, Kenya: The 1960s and now

7 Nairobi Kenya The 1960s and now


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Beijing, China: The 1940s vs. the present

8 Beijing, China The 1940s vs. the present

Melbourne, Australia: 1920 and today

9 Melbourne, Australia 1920 and today


Dubai, UAE: The 1980s vs. today

10 Dubai, UAE The 1980s vs. today

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