10 Stunning Entries in the 2014 Nat Geo Traveler Photo Contest

El Tigre - 2014-06-18_265882_spontaneous-moments.jpg

El Tigre, Location: Grand Bahamas. Freediving with the Tiger Sharks of the Bahamas.
Photo and caption by Eusebio Saenz de Santamaria / National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

Ban Gioc Waterfall - 2014-06-23_268196_outdoor-scenes.jpg

Ban Gioc Waterfall  Location: Cao Bang Province, Vietnam
This is the most beautiful waterfall in Northern Vietnamese province of Cao Bang. It is located in the border of Vietnam and China. Haft waterfall on the left photo is of Vietnam, the other side is of China. Photo and caption by Son Tong

The eagle huntress - 2014-06-22_267532_travel-portraits.jpg

The eagle huntress Location: West Mongolia
Photo and caption by Asher Svidensky

Oryx at the Dune Top - 2014-06-18_265724_spontaneous-moments.jpg

Oryx at the Dune Top Location: Sossusvlei National Park, Sossusvlei, Namibia
In the afternoon, it was so hot at the bottom of the dune that the oryx ran to the dune top for coolness. When getting to the top , the oryx stopped and posed for me to capture a shot. Photo and caption by Bo Fu

The Independence day - 2014-06-17_265478_outdoor-scenes.jpg

The Independence day Location: Julesburg, Colorado, USA
Photo and caption by Marko Korošec / National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

Great-white Egrets - 2014-06-16_264954_outdoor-scenes.jpg

Great-white Egrets Location: Kiskunság National Park, Hungary
Air battle of Great White Egrets in the National Park of Kiskunság, Hungary. Rivalry of the kin is frequent, even if there is no breeding season and they have enough food. Photo and caption by Bence Mate

The Stripe - 2014-06-22_267917_outdoor-scenes.jpg

The Stripe Location: Bernstorff Isofjord, Greenland
Photo and caption by Michael Quinn

Lets Keep Open all the Windows - 2014-06-21_261336_spontaneous-moments.jpg

Let’s Keep Open all the Windows Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh
On the Victory Day of Bangladesh, 16 December, the local children who live near Runway are celebrating and waving flags while an aircraft is going to land in the airport. Photo taken from a staircase of a half-constructed building.
Photo and caption by Md Khalid Rayhan Shawon

Penguins at Saint Andrews Bay - 2014-06-18_265805_outdoor-scenes.jpg

Penguins at Saint Andrews Bay Location: Saint Andrews Bay, South Georgia Island
I was very excited to see thousands of King Penguins in this beautiful setting. Photo and caption by Robert McRae

A adventurous surfer on Mars - 2014-06-22_267502_spontaneous-moments.jpg

A adventurous surfer on Mars
Location: Palm Beach, New South Wales, Australia
The wave crashed on the sand and spread whole them into water. Painted the image like a sort of place in Mars.
Photo and caption by Joe Hsu / National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest