20 Useful Tools for Mobile App Development

In today’s world, Everyone wants to build their own Mobile applications. These tools to solutions with Mobile Applications developed for various platforms including iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Palm web OS, Windows Mobile and J2ME. There are a number of tools that allow non-developers the ability to create their own mobile apps without knowing programming or scripting.

Mobile app development is a process that involves the creation of mobile applications. Mobile Apps are general-purpose app builders designed for small businesses while other target specific needs, like apps for musicians or for eBook authors. Still others let developers. If you’re looking for low cost Mobile Application Development services, we aim to provide some of mobile app development tools to solutions for your need.

20 Excellent Tools for Developing Your Own Mobile Apps


An important part of the planning process is consumer discovery, a fancy term for how users will find your app or mobile website. Think of this app as the SEO for mobile apps: You can track your rankings and competition, and optimize keywords for search. In short, you’ll have a better idea of where your app is going and who is interested.


Android Style Guide

If you’re creating an app for Android, this developer style guide will answer any questions you may have about app development, from wireframing to tracking progress after your app goes to market.



AppMakr is a great online mobile app development tool that allows creating content-centered mobile apps. They also boast a great service that lets you distribute the app you created in various app stores. Importing RSS feeds which AppMakr package into a mobile-optimized app is also possible. You do not require any advance programming knowledge for creating apps while using this tool, but still having some knowledge of HTML and CSS would prove to be useful. You can also add custom HTML in your app.


iOS Style Guide

If you’re making an app for iOS, Apple also has a set of guidelines available for you to study before getting started.


jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile is an HTML5 user interface framework for touchscreen devices. The jQuery Mobile framework is straightforward and well documented. What’s great about jQuery Mobile is that it has an online tool called ThemeRoller to help make the creation of your user interfaces quicker.

App Cooker

From the beginning stages of an app’s inception to organizing as you go, App Cooker is a great mockup design tool for anyone preparing an iOS app. Pricing ranges from $19.99 to $49.99, so you’re not spending a fortune for your ideal structure.

Beta Bait

Looking for someone to test your app? This site is a social network specifically for developers and startups to find the right person to try out their product while it’s still in beta.


Using jQuery Mobile as its base, Tiggzi is a drag-and-drop tool for developing mobile apps. You can add standard buttons, menus, video, maps and other elements to your mobile app and then bind events and corresponding actions to them.


Crittercism is getting in on the booming market for app support services with its user diagnosis and support tool, that helps developers track app crashes and address user complaints and bug reports.

Stack Overflow

Looking for support or answers to your questions from other developers? Stack Overflow is a forum chock-full of advice, tips and tricks from other developers. The site allows users to vote on questions and answers, so you know which have proven to be more useful than others.



Widgetbox offers an easy-to-use web tool for creating and hosting simple, content-based mobile apps. You can create pages for your app containing RSS feeds from blogs or social media sites. You can also add custom content using HTML and CSS.



Mobile Roadie is an application builder that lets bands create their own custom iPhone applications which can include content like photo galleries, streaming music files, YouTube videos, upcoming concert listings, lyrics, news, Twitter and RSS feeds, and even interactive features like a “wall” where fans can post comments and photos.



iBuildApp is a tool for creating mobile apps. They have a good selection of templatesfor many different types of apps, and you can have your app featured in the iBuildApp Gallery.


Sencha Touch 2

If you’re no stranger to HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, then Sencha Touch 2 may be a great choice for creating mobile apps on iPhone, Android and Blackberry.



PhoneGap is a free, open source software that serves as a bridge between individual mobile OS SDKs, which have their own programming languages and standard development practices.


PhoneGap Build

The folks at PhoneGap have gone one step further in creating a web-based platform that creates your “builds” for you. It’s called PhoneGap Build. This service presently supports iOS, Android, Blackberry, WebOS and Symbian. With this service, you can upload your HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, and PhoneGap Build will generate the files you need for distribution in leading app stores.


appMobi XDK

appMobi XDK is cloud-based mobile app development environment that’s available as a Google Chrome plugin. The appMobi service will also host your mobile app for you, as well as provide you with the ability to deploy it in popular app stores. Though the service and hosting are free, they have add-on services like push notifications and e-commerce solutions you can use to enhance your mobile app.



MobBase is a unique app builder especially for artists. This product helps you insert artist info and bio, upload music and videos, create a photo album, update events, publish news feeds and even set up a mobile Web store to sell merchandise.



foneFrame is a mobile framework that creates web pages for smartphones like Android & iPhone. foneFrame displays HTML5, XML, RSS, & SSI files as mobile web pages. Use foneFrame to quickly wireframe a new mobile site. Edit the underlying CSS style sheet, incorporate other tools like jQuery, Sencha, or Phonegap.


Sweb Apps

Sweb Apps offers an online service which lets anyone build their own iPhone apps even if they don’t know how to code. Designed with small business owners in mind, the company offers pre-created templates which you can customize with different background images and your own custom icons if desired.

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Written by Kirushananthan