Best 3 Shopping Apps for the iPad

There are currently more than 100,000 native iPad apps available, Here are the top 3 Shopping iPad apps for making your list and saving some dollars when you hit the malls.


Windowshop is Amazon’s attempt to reinvent its website for tablets, and it does a great job. As with eBay, the focus is emphatically on product images and flicking between items with swipes and other gestures.



eBay for iPad

eBay members will enjoy a new rich search experience with seamless transitions, no pages, to buy and pay for items. Integrated access to My eBay makes it easy for members to quickly check on an auction or monitor sales activity from wherever their iPad has taken them.


Auto Trader

Auto Trader’s official iPad app aims to make the grind of scanning used car listings a whole lot more visual, with grids of thumbnail photos of cars with their prices, and simple filters to make sense of them.