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WordPress CTR AdSense Theme

Scouring the Internet to find the best theme to support your website can be exhausting, particularly when you are looking for one to support AdSense.  The ability to make money online has become easier and easier, making many users hungry for the best themes, to optimize click-throughs to generate a secondary source of revenue.

The issue with AdSense and finding the right theme is the ease of building the website to maximize your profit.  Many themes available have users jumping through hoops to get the HTML coding into the backend of the site, so that they can have advertisements generating revenue on their page.  Luckily for those users, CTR Themes has a large variety of easy to use, quick build AdSense themes that were designed to work with WordPress to increase your click through rates.

CTR Themes offers simple, customizable, adaptable themes that make all of your WordPress + AdSense needs easy to fulfill.  The themes were made with users in mind, promoting the ease of customizing design and layouts, with ‘Quick Skin’ framework to change your page in a no time.  They have created four new themes, each working to help users make money using their WordPress pages.  The themes are AdSense Pro Ultimate, BeInk, Magnum, and Euphoria.


AdSense Pro Ultimate

With AdSense Pro Ultimate users have advanced theme options, 24 Hour Support, guided instructions on setting up a site, and the ability to generate some serious revenue.  Niche website users of AdSense Pro Ultimate have generated over $3,000 each month and have sold on auction for $50,000.  Now that is big money!

 AdSense Pro only costs $69, making the return on investment quite significant.  It’s a one time payment with no monthly or hidden fees.  The offer gets sweeter though, users can get lifetime free updates and use AdSense Pro Ultimate on as many domains as possible.  In this day and age, so many people have multiple sources of revenue, multiple companies, and multiple websites that they manage.  This option is really appealing for the ‘slash artists’ out there that have multiple responsibilities and jobs.

The theme is super easy to use and requires no coding, design, or graphic skills.  One user wrote in that he had his website up and running in under 10 minutes!  A theme that makes setting up a website so easy that it can be done in less time than it takes someone to make breakfast is insane, plus it enhances the ability to make money seems too good to be true.  But it exists thanks to CTR Themes!



BeInk is another new, easy to use theme from CTR Themes.  It is a minimalistic WordPress CTR theme that let’s the website speak for itself without being distracting.  We all know that some websites are so busy, users can’t figure out where to dart their eyes.  With BeInk, website developers can avoid that issue.

It is a very affordable theme, at just $19 one-time payment.   BeInk allows you to place ads in prime areas of your website, increasing click through rates without taking away from the message your website is working to get across.   The control panel for BeInk is incredibly easy to use, guiding you through set up of your AdSense account, to customizing text sizes and color.

Another way to increase revenue and click throughs on your site is with social links.  The BeInk theme offers 6 unique social links, allowing you to place those around your site to maximize visibility for all of your channels.  It is a fast-loading design, which helps for those antsy users.  No one likes a website that takes more the 20 seconds to load – it’s a waste of time!

BeInk also offers special tracking codes for your AdSense click throughs thanks to the option panel, as well as analytics and stat management.  The guides that are provided with the theme help web developers understand which ads work on each part of the website and the easy customization makes it seamless to adjust ads, their positioning, and size in no-time, making sure you can make the most money from your page.



Magnum, the third of the new themes rolled out by CTR Themes, is a lightning fast WordPress CTR theme, great for maximizing revenue on your website.  Also priced at just $19, it is an affordable way to get started immediately on your new web page, setting up your business for success.  It also offers a minimalist theme, getting straight down to business without the fluff that can deter users from a page, while also providing plenty of ad space on the site.

Magnum is fully compatible with all major Internet servers, which is crucial today when there are so many options out.  Nothing stops traffic more than a page that doesn’t properly conform to Safari once it was created on Chrome, or Firefox if it was created with Internet Explorer.   Once purchasing the Magnum theme from CTR Themes, developers are introduced to a forum with other users, allowing for communication, guidance, tips, and more.  Having a sense of community when working to build engagement on your website and drive revenue is great.   The theme also comes with lifetime upgrades, so each time CTR Themes enhances the Magnum theme; you will be notified and upgraded automatically – no work for you!

With the advanced theme option panel available on Magnum, users can customize their sites with minimum effort.  Want all of your social channels displayed to the left, a menu page to the right, your constantly updated content highlighted to the middle, with ads scattered around the page? No problem, Magnum gives you all of these customizable options to create the exact page you desire.  It is 100% CSS based, breadcrumb and gravatar ready, and offers analytics and statistic management so that you can track your usage, click throughs, and see what else you can be doing to enhance your page and drive in more money!



Last but certainly not least, the thing we all strive for – Euphoria.  The aptly named WordPress CTR theme available now from CTR Themes is aesthetically pleasing, speedy, and easy to use.   Current users of the Euphoria theme have recommended it thanks to the simple control panel allowing for easy ad setup and quick text customization.

Like the other themes from CTR Themes, this one is ready to get users started immediately with AdSense and has a very modern, fast-loading design.  It is incredibly user friendly with widgeted sidebars, and full-page post options.  This theme also offers a 5 level drop down menu, making it seamless and clean to provide your viewers and customers with multiple navigations on your page.  Bonus points are awarded to Euphoria for the ability to engage with users.  Comments are enabled on posts with the highlighted author posts, making it easy for viewers to interact and differentiate the author from other users.

The Euphoria theme costs only $19 and comes with full forum support, lifetime upgrades, compatibility with multiple Internet servers including Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, and is 100% CSS based.   The theme is WordPress 4.0+ compatible and also works with PHP 5 and 7.  Users of Euphoria also have access to analytics management and tracking options to see how your ads and their placements work with your users on the site.


You’re Not in This Alone!

 Thousands of users have taken advantage of CTR Themes WordPress AdSense CTR Theme options and have been rolling in the dough ever since.  One user paid $12.17 for his domain, and now makes over $400 each month just from utilizing the AdSense options with these themes.  Another user said the set up was easy, the theme works perfectly, and the support was incredible.

Web designers, bloggers, and corporations from all over the world have opted to use these themes from CTR Themes to grow their business.  The most raved about theme is the AdSense Pro Ultimate and for the price you pay to access the theme, paired against the amount of money users can make in return, its easy to see why.  Even beginners are able to jump online and create another revenue stream with these easy-to-use, consumer friendly themes.  What are you waiting for?  Join the thousands of people who are maximizing revenue on their websites with click through ads courtesy of CTR Themes WordPress for AdSense. Check out and tell us what you think?