Artist Created Surrealist Sculptures Combined Plant and Animal Life

Artist Ellen Jewett has created surrealist sculptures “natural history surrealist sculpture” using a blend of plants, animals, and occasionally human-made structures or objects. Her artwork is deeply informed by an extensive background in anthropology, medical illustration, exotic animal care, and even stop-motion animation, all of which accentuate the biological structure of each piece, while freeing her imagination to pursue more abstract ideas.



You explore more of Ellen’s work on her website, and many of her pieces (some of which you see here) are available for purchase online.

surrealist-sculptures-by-ellen-jewett-2 surrealist-sculptures-by-ellen-jewett-3 surrealist-sculptures-by-ellen-jewett-4 surrealist-sculptures-by-ellen-jewett-5 surrealist-sculptures-by-ellen-jewett-6 surrealist-sculptures-by-ellen-jewett-7 surrealist-sculptures-by-ellen-jewett-8 surrealist-sculptures-by-ellen-jewett-9 surrealist-sculptures-by-ellen-jewett-10