August 2015 Calendar Wallpapers for Desktop

Here is a collection of Beautiful Calendar Desktop Wallpapers August 2015.

Team Reunion

“August is the month where many get back to school. While it may be sad to leave the summer fun, going back is a great opportunity to begin a new cycle in our lives. So what better way than getting ready for this than assembling the team for the school year?” — Designed by Maria Keller from Mexico.

Calendar Desktop Wallpapers  August 2015-team-reunion-cal-1920x1080

A Bloom Of Jellyfish

August 2015 Calendar for iPhone. Designed by Wonderland Collective

Calendar iphone Wallpapers  August 2015-a-bloom-of-jellyfish-cal-320x480

Saturn Among The Stars

Designed by Verónica Valenzuela. August 2015 Calendar wallpaper 1920×1080

Calendar Desktop Wallpapers  August 2015-saturn-among-the-stars-cal-1920x1080

Boy With Balloon

Designed by Ben Alderman. August 2015 Calendar desktop background 1920×1200

Calendar Desktop Wallpapers  August 2015-boy-with-balloon-cal-1920x1200

It’s Too Hot Out Here

Designed byoxygenna

Calendar Desktop Wallpapers  August 2015-its-too-hot-out-here-cal-1920x1200

The Ocean Is Waiting

Calendar Desktop Wallpapers  August 2015-the-ocean-is-waiting-cal-1920x1080

“In August, make sure you swim a lot. Be cautious though.” — Designed by Igor Izhikfrom Canada.