Best 20 Android Gaming Apps of 2011

As Android phones have increased in popularity in 2011, millions of Android Apps available for the platform. Looking for a new game to play on your Android smartphone? Here are my picks for the best new Android games of the year.


Drag Racing (free)

Drag Racing is the best of a crowded field of new Android racing apps in 2011. As a bonus, you can race against iPhone users, thanks to the app’s cross-platform technology.


Air Attack HD  ($3)


Where’s My Water?  ($0.99)

Disney entered the fray of physics puzzlers with this game, in which players try to get water to Swampy. The puzzle and varied level designs are ingenious. Swampy is also incredibly well-animated, and his reactions add a layer of production value that few other games boast.


Bug Village (free)

Inhabit a world of ants, bees and other critters in this cute, engaging game. Good for children, fun for adults.


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Apparatus ($2.45)

An extremely cool problem-solver. Arrange shapes into various objects (or not), then use your geometric creation to transport marbles to a goal. A free “Lite” version is also available.


Muffin Knight ($o.99)

This action platformer, which takes cues from indie PC game Super Crate Box, adds a layer of RPG-style character development.


Plants Vs. Zombies  ($0.99)

PopCap brought what might be its best game to Android earlier in 2011. This strategy game, which combines elements of castle defense and tower defense, is brilliant for its excellent progression.


Cordy (free)

A breakaway hit of 2011, Cordy puts you at the controls of a robot as he navigates a beautifully whimsical landscape.


Reckless Getaway  ($1.99)

Escape with your hard-earned loot and the cops hot at your heels!Who’d a thought robbing the bank would be the easy part?Now comes the real challenge – to escape with your hard-earned loot and the fuzz hot at your heels!


Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation ($4.95)

When war hits home, abandon all fear. The newest entrant in the first-person shooter category, Modern Combat is a beast of a game, with state-of-the-art graphics.


Star Legends  (free)

This futuristic MMORPG is easy to get in to: The player will easily acclimate to the combat, although the graphic style is not very colorful and friendly.


Robotek  (free)

The problem with most social and free-to-play games is that they don’t involve robots.


Words With Friends   (free)

One of the giants of online gaming, Words With Friends finally made it to Android in 2011.


Tower Raiders 2 Gold  ($3.99)

The second installment in the popular tower defense franchise, Tower Raiders Gold 2 combines nimble game play with enough depth to keep players busy for days.


Sonic CD  ($2.99)

This classic Sonic game was brought to mobile in large part thanks to Sonic fan Christian Whitehead, and the love clearly shines through.


Age of Zombies (0.99$)

This dual-stick shooter from Fruit Ninjacreators Halfbrick can be sold with just one phrase: zombie T-Rex.


PewPew 2  ($2.99)

Variety is the name of the game in this dual-stick shooter.


X-Men   ($1)

This old-school superhero game will strike a chord with anyone who wasted nights with the arcade game in the 1990s, and for newcomers to the mobile cartoon battle series, it will not disappoint


World of Goo ($5)

Five dollars for a mobile game? Absolutely. World of Goo offers a creative antidote to the drumbeat of Doodle-Jumping, Angry-Birding games on the market. Try the free demo version if you have doubts.


Cut the Rope ($0.97)

ZeptoLab’s physics puzzler made a wonderful transition to Android. The game was subtly tweaked to work on a wide variety of Android devices, but still feels like the same hit iOS game. Many of the creative levels introduced in the iOS version are available here, and protagonist Om Nom is still as adorable and animated as ever.

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