The Best CMS Software to Build Website for 2023

For a lot of website owners, WordPress is the only CMS (Content Management System) software in the market. WordPress indeed is one of the best content management system software, but how many other CMS software do you know of? Have you ever compared the best of the best?

In this review, you’ll find enough insights to help you know the best open source CMS in the market as well as the best CMS for developers to build a website. Let’s go!

The Best Content Management System Software for Your Website

#1 WordPress

That’s right – WordPress is the first on our list, as it should be. Although our list is arranged in no particular order, WordPress has been the best CMS platform for a long time, not to be mentioned first.

It is the most popular content management system software and powers over 35% of all the websites you can find on the internet. Nonetheless, note that differs from is a free source CMS initially built for blogging, but all sorts of online / websites now use it.  


  • WordPress gives you the freedom and flexibility to build any website. 
  • You don’t need any technical or coding skills. WP block editor makes it easy to create professional-looking pages.
  • WordPress is excellently designed for SEO. You can as well choose from tons of SEO plugins.
  • WordPress allows you to download your content in XML format, making it very easy to move to a different system later in the future. 
  • The content management system software offers tons of extensibility, making it the best CMS software for both developers and beginners.
  • Offers awesome support via WordPress community support options. 


  • WordPress offers so much flexibility and numerous options; it can sometimes be a little daunting as a beginner. For that reason, several newbies use the drag and drop page builder.
  • To create a site, you’ll need a domain name and web hosting, and you’ll also be in charge of managing things like backups and security.  

Price: WordPress itself is free! However, you have to get a domain name between $9 and $15 per year. You’ll also need web hosting normally from $7.99 per month.

#2 Drupal

Drupal is another fantastic open source CMS software. It’s one of the best CMS for developers, and it powers some well-known websites like The Economist and several other university sites.

Drupal is especially great for people looking to create a highly customized website, handling tons of data. Also, you can host your Drupal website on SiteGround. And as one of the best CMS software, they can allow you to transfer an existing Drupal website.


  • It’s very easy to add content on Drupal, and the custom content types offer many options making them flexible.
  • There are a variety of modules that you can add to your website, including WordPress plugins.
  • You can get support through community support options, just like in WordPress
  • The built-in system makes user management very easy. It lets you make new roles and also specify their permissions.


  • Using Drupal can be a bit tricky to know to change your website’s appearance or add extras. It’s not beginners friendly – not like WordPress.
  • Most Drupal websites come with a professionally customized theme built by developers, which might be expensive.

Price: Drupal offers a free version but does not have a free trial.

#3 Wix

Wix is one of the most popular content management system software in the market today. The platform is also one of the best CMS software for developers as well as for beginners.

Unlike most of the other open source CMS platforms, Wix is very easy to use for beginners, and it comes with a free plan!


  • There are several pre-built templates you can select from in Wix. They are all fully responsive, so they are both great computers ad mobile phones. 
  • The software has a drag and drops feature that makes it easier to build pages that look exactly the way you want them. You can as well select any part of your page and start editing.
  • Wix lets you add numerous apps on your website from the Wix App Market.


  • With their free plan, you can’t manage an online store on Wix. Only the paid plan allows for an eCommerce store. 
  • You cannot change any template you’ve already chosen on Wix.
  • You can export or download your data/content from Wix. Although you can download your blog posts, you can’t download your images.
  • With the free plan, your domain name will be branded by Wix, and you’ll also have to put up with ads on your website. 

Price: If you don’t want their free plan, you can go for the paid plan, which starts at $13 per month. Also, the paid plan comes with more freedom and more features.

#4 Joomla

Joomla is one of the best CMS software that’s free and offers tons of extensions and templates. It’s free to use, but you’ll have to get web hosting as well as a domain name.

It is one of the well-known content marketing system software that has been in the market for a long time now. However, as one of the best CMS for developers, Joomla isn’t typically recommended for newbies.


  • While Joomla is best for developers, you can still go for it since it’s to edit your content, unlike Wix.
  • Joomla offers numerous options, and it’s a great choice for building a complicated website.
  • You can run your eCommerce store on Joomla since there are several extensions made available for it. 
  • Just like WordPress, Joomla offers great support through a community support system.


  • Even Joomla lovers will confirm that it is a complex content management system software to use. 
  • The options for additional extensions aren’t that much compared to some of the best CMS software out there.

Price: The software itself is free. However, you have to pay for web hosting (that supports Joomla) and a domain name. Other paid plans come with more features.

#5 TYPO3

TYPO3 is an incredible platform and one of the best open source CMS you can find today. It has been in the market longer than most of the best CMS software you hear today and has experienced immense improvements throughout the years.

As one of the best CMS software, it also comes with tons of extensions and free functionality.


  • TYPO3 can help you manage very large websites, including sites with various website languages. It’s an amazing option for international organizations.
  • Since it’s an open source, you can extend it however you prefer.
  • You’re provided with over 6,000 applications and extensions that you can add to your site.
  • You can easily edit the access rights of various groups and individuals who manage your site.


  • You’ll need a very high degree of tech know-how to manage your TYPO3 website. 
  • Their themes aren’t that many, which means you might end up hiring someone to build one for you.

Check out the platform for their pricing.


Your business’s success relies on the standard of your website, and you don’t want to have a website that your target audience cannot easily use. With any of this content management system software, you can build an excellent website, and for the ones that appear to be complex to you, you can always hire a professional.

These are the best CMS software in the market today; make a choice for an optimized online presence!

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