25 of the Best Drone Photographs of 2016 – Amazing Drone Shots

Drone photography is providing a new perspective on the world because some situation photographers cannot easily reach everywhere, but with Drone, you can achieve that.

In 2016, thousands of images were submitted to the Dronestagram and Skypixel competitions, including the photograph of a gold trout circle underwater that would have been difficult to see from the ground.

Saturnia hot springs in Central Tuscany, Italy. Vaidas. Courtesy of Dronestagram.


Aerial drone view of a curved winding road through the forest high up in the mountains. Calin-Andrei Stan. Courtesy of Dronestagram.

Al Quadra lakes in Dubai. Desouzad. Courtesy of Dronestagram.

Rock climbing in Moab, Utah, United States. Max Seigal . Courtesy of Dronestagram.


A herd in the Pantanal in Taboco, Brazil. Cesar de Oliveira. Courtesy of Dronestagram.


James Fort in Castlepark Village, Ireland. Carrigphotos. Courtesy of Dronestagram.

Over the streets of Hong Kong. Cliechti. Courtesy of Dronestagram.

Camillus Splash Pad park for kids in Camillus, New York, United States. By Bob Gates.

Mingshan, Ya’an ,Sichuan Province, China.

the Guerlédan Lake in Saint Gelven, France was drained for maintenance of the hydroelectric dam, revealing trees and houses that had been submerged when the dam was built.

A group of young swimmers are preparing for competitions in Cúcuta, Colombia. By Losmanesdeldrone. Courtesy of Dronestagram.

A car drives through a field in Kusa, Chelyabinskaya oblast, Russia. By Maksim Tarasov. 

Gold Trout circle in a fish farm in Holstebro, Denmark. Flemming Lauridsen. Courtesy of Dronestagram.

Thousands of Venezuelans crossed the border with Colombia after it had been closed for 11 months. Villa del Rosario, Columbia. Losmanesdeldrone. Courtesy of Dronestagram.

Surf session on the beach of Leblon in Rio de Janeiro. by Ulysse Padilha

A beach in Rotterdam, Holland. By Vaidas

Salto de Poveda in Alto Tajo National Park in Guadalajara, Spain. Carsten Kramer. Courtesy of Skypixel.

Winter trees in Sfanta Ana, Romania. Thedon. Courtesy of Dronestagram.

Harvesting in Valensole, France. Jcourtial. Courtesy of Dronestagram.

A section of Corabastos, the main market in Bogota, Colombia. Alex Visbal & Alejandro Pabon. Courtesy of Dronestagram.

A Dogsledder and dogs in Satka, Chelyabinskaya oblast, Russia. Maksim Tarasov. Courtesy of Dronestagram.

Sheep in pasture in Marpod, Romania. Thedon. Courtesy of Dronestagram.

Drone photo of Camels on Cable Beach by Todd Kennedy.

Haystack production in Brasov, Romania. Thedon Courtesy of Droinestagram.

The remains of Princes pier in Port Melbourne, Australia. Simon Milder. Courtesy of Dronestagram.