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13 Best Free Password Manager Software

Every tech wizard recommends that you should use unique strong passwords, long, complex passwords for each of your online accounts. But, remembering all long password is so difficult. Luckily, there is some best free password managers like LastPass and open-source password manager KeePass do an excellent job for you.

If you are using the same password for your social media accounts, emails, blogs, and other sites; this practice will cost you and lost your account because hackers could take control of your email, social media, and financial accounts.

There are some popular premium password managers like 1Password, Keeper Password, Passpack, and Zoho Vault on the market. However, you should know about free password management and also open source password managers software. This post compiled the best free password manager software and open source password managers, you can use right now, in no particular order.

Top Best Free Password Manager Software 2022

1. LastPass

LastPass is the most popular free password manager for Mac, Linux, and Windows 10. It also supports Chrome OS, Android, iOS, Linux, Windows Phone, and watchOS. LastPass password vault includes great features like two-factor authentication, form filling, automatic password capture and more.

LastPass Best Free Password Manager Software

2. Dashlane

Dashlane keeps your passwords safe on your mobile device, desktop PC, and laptops. This is similar to LastPass password manager app. It’s also available for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android operating systems. DashLane’s free password vault can store unlimited passwords for you, but it’s only limited to one device.

3. Sticky Password

Sticky Password is another free password manager tool so you can secure digital vault for your phones and tablets as well as other desktop and mobile devices. This password manager app lets users choose between syncing data in the cloud or over Wi-Fi networks.

Best Free Open Source Password Manager

4. KeePass

KeePass Password Safe is a free and open-source password manager for Windows, Mac OS,  and Linux operating systems. This free password keeper stores usernames, passwords, and other fields, including free-form notes and file attachments, in an encrypted file.

5. Clipperz

Clipperz is a free open source password manager software application. It also works on iOS and Android.

6. Padlock

Padlock is a minimalist open source password manager that puts usability and security first. This password keeper runs on Linux, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Google Chrome.

7. Passbolt

Passbolt is a free open source password manager for teams.

8. Password Safe

Password Safe is another open source password manager for Windows. It allows you to safely and easily create a secured and encrypted username and password list.

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Best Password Managers App

9. Roboform

Roboform is another oldest and the best password manager app for Mac and other major platforms Windows, iOS, Android.

10. TrueKey

Another password manager tool is TrueKey password safe. This is also available for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. You can install password manager extensions on web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

11. LogMeOnce

LogMeOnce tool is the best online password manager with two-factor authentication and adds second layer protection to your device.

12. Symantec Norton Identity Safe

Norton Identify Safe is a basic password manager software which helps you with a password generator tool. Like other big players, it also provides an easy to use password management with synchronization between desktop, smartphone, and web browser.

13. Enpass

Enpass Password Manager is another top tool and supports popular platforms including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Chrome OS, etc.

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