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10 Best Fresh Web Design Tools in July 2015

Here is a list of new web design tools for designers.


Pinegrow is a desktop app for building websites using a drag-and-drop UI.


Coverr is a useful resource that provides public domain videos that you can use for free, even on commercial sites.

Awesome Node.js

JavaScript developer Sindre Sorhus has compiled this huge list of those Node.js packages and resources that he finds ‘delightful’.

SVG Filters

A handy tool for playing around with SVG filters. Drag and drop your image onto the page and then hit the buttons below to have a go with 29 different filters.

Interactive SVG coordinate system

This demo and cheatsheet by Sara Soueidan is a super way to get to grips with SVG coordinate systems and transformations.



Echochamber.js is a third-party script you can install to add a simple comment form to your blog post or website.


tota11y helps visualize how your site performs with assistive technologies.


Relay helps you to share work more efficiently with your team and discuss it using Slack. You can quickly share what you’re doing in Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketch and receive feedback in the form of comments and annotations.


Free Icon Packs for Designers.

This Mac app has one cool little function: it enables you to adjust your nudge increments in Sketch without using the terminal.