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8 Best Note Taking App for Windows 10

Taking notes is quite a common activity, be it for personal purposes or professional ones. While some do it for daily chores like making grocery lists, some use it to note down information important to their job. Either way, notes find application quite widely and with the digital transformation taking place in every field, notes haven’t been an exception either. 

A number of note-taking apps have been launched across different platforms to cater to the varied demands. Here are eight of the best ones among them that you may use on Windows 10.

List of the Best Note Taking App for Windows 10

1. Evernote

Definitely one of the most powerful note-taking apps, Evernote comes packed with various interesting features. The users can include more or less everything from text notes and audio clips to PDF files and images. Its inclusive nature makes Evernote one of the most popular apps for this purpose. The main reasons why it is one of the top note-taking apps are:

2. Windows 10 Sticky notes

Sticky notes is a very convenient option for the Windows 10 users as it comes as a default app with Windows. It can also be downloaded for free from the windows app store. These notes stay attached to the desktop, much like the same way how actual sticky notes are hung up. This app does offer a number of features due to which it has gained its popularity.

3. Simplenote

This app is exactly what the name says- a simple note-taking app. This is a cross-platform app that allows the users to access the notes through any devices or even web browsers. The data is automatically backed up online and gets synchronised across all the devices. The features that have helped Simplenote become popular are:

4. OneNote

One cannot ignore OneNote while looking for a note-taking app on Windows. While OneNote is free, the users may purchase premium plans for additional features. This app is rich in features and easily one of the most comprehensive note-taking apps.

5. Notion

This unique note-taking app is perfect for enterprise use as it helps to streamline the entire note-taking process. It is particularly a great remote working tool as it syncs easily across multiple devices. It offers various features which make the notes customisable and suitable for business environments.

6. Milanote

Unlike most note-taking apps, Milanote isn’t just a word processor. Rather, it acts as a virtual pinboard. The users can take snippets and place them, on the board and arrange them as needed. It comes with a free plan and pro plan and offers various great features.

7. Slite

This note-taking app is yet another great professional tool. It allows teams to share information with each other and collaborate with ease.

8. Dropbox Paper

This popular note-taking app is a great online document workspace. It allows the users to keep various items in a single location and the documents are easily synchronised.

All these apps are great and offer their own features. Depending on your requirements, you simply need to pick the one that suits you the best. 

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