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10 Best Podcast Microphones 2022

Here are the best podcast microphones for recording your voice.

Using the right microphone is a time-saver, and moreover, that makes your podcast sound seems more professional.

Microphones from this list help your voice sound crisp and clear so you can take your podcast from basic to expert. 

In this post, we listed the ten best podcast microphones in 2022.

Each one has pros and cons, so check out the lists that are based on features and price tag.

You can use the best microphone for recording vocals on your computer. 

The Best Condenser and USB Podcast Microphones

Blue Yeti USB Mic

Are you looking professional sound and unique and effective design microphone? Blue Yeti USB Mic is a widely used microphone for recording podcast on your computer. You can see this microphone on YouTube videos. It’s available for $129.99. Price looks higher compared to others, but it’s worth for your spending.    

MAONO Professional Cardioid Condenser Podcast Mic

MAONO is one of the best professional cardioid condenser podcast mic available much lower price. Clear and crisp sound quality podcast microphone for $72. If anyone is looking to build a home studio with under $100, you can select this one. For $72.99, you will get:

Buy MAONO at Amazon

TONOR Computer Condenser PC Mic with Tripod Stand

This product comes with Condenser PC Mic with Tripod Stand and Pop Filter. You can buy it for $39.99 discount price, so it is suitable for anyone searching mic under $40.  

Buy TONOR from Amazon

Fifine Metal Condenser Recording Microphone

Fifine Metal is a condenser microphone that can be used with Windows laptop or PC and Mac OS. This is the perfect one for streaming broadcast. When you are searching a good quality cheap microphone, Fifine is the best one that is available under $50. 

Buy Fifine Metal Condenser

BOYA Large Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Microphone

BOYA Large Diaphragm is a condenser microphone with studio-quality sound. You can use this microphone for vocal recording singer, Podcaster and YouTube video. If you want a microphone under $100, this mic is great for podcasts, gaming and music recording.

Buy Boya at Amazon – Price $99.95

ZekPro USB Computer Microphone

Whether looking for basic microphone or price under $20, ZekPro is one of the good ones to consider. ZekPro USB Microphone can be useful for beginners who want to start into the podcast. Price – $19.99.

Buy ZekPro at Amazon 

Aokeo AK USB Podcast Microphone

Aokeo AK is one of the best USB Podcast microphones that available for $38.99. It includes boom arm, multiple pop, and crack filters. Youtuber and gamers are able to record or live streaming using Aokeo AK through their PC. 

Buy Aokeo AK at Amazon

Rockville Dynamic Podcasting Microphones

Rockville Studio is a condenser microphone that comes with the best price tag. Currently, this mic available for $51.82. It’s suitable for home-studio, broadcasting, Podcasts, YouTube or Twitch live performances, and much more.

Buy Rockville Studio at Amazon

MAONO USB Microphone with Studio Headphone

MAONO is another USB microphone for Mac and Windows. If you are a voice-over artist, you can buy this one for recording your voice over projects. This pack includes studio headphone so you can easily listen and edit your podcast quickly. This best-rated product is available for $112.99.

Buy MAONO at Amazon

SUDOTACK Professional Studio Cardioid Condenser Mic

Another USB Podcast PC Microphone SUDOTACK packed with aluminum storage case and mic stand. This excellent sound quality microphone will give you up to 24bit/192kHz bit sample rate. 

Buy SUDOTACK from Amazon for $72.99

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