Winners of the 2016 British Wildlife Photography Awards

The British Wildlife Photography Awards just announced the 2016 winners of their annual competition in categories including Animal Behavior, Animal Portraits, Urban Wildlife, and an overall winner. The awards, established in 2009, aim to highlight photographers working in the UK, while also showcasing the biodiversity, species, and habitats found in Britain.


“Hitchhikers” (Lion’s Mane Jellyfish), St Kilda, off the Island of Hirta, Scotland, by George Stoyle

You can see more UK habitats and animal portraits from 2016’s British Wildlife Photography Awards on their website, Facebook, and Twitter. via Fubiz


“Welcome to the Party” (Grey Seal), Farne Islands, Northumberland, England, by Adam Hanlon



“Free Bird,” London, England, by Chaitanya Deshpande



Common Weasel (Pic 1), North Yorkshire, England, by Robert E Fuller



“A Mountain Hare by an Ice Cave,” Highlands, Scotland, by Andy Rouse



“Grey Seal Pup in a Sandstorm,” Norfolk, England, by Jamie Hall



“Hello Ducky” (Brown Trout and Mallard Duck), Hampshire, England, by Paul Colley



Tadpoles, Bristol, England, by Jeanette Sakel


“Eye to Eye” (Emerald Damselfly), Cornwall, England, by Ross Hoddinott

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