Six best websites to buy books online

There is always an undying debate between reading ebooks and paper books. Some people like to read the soft copies of a book on their phones or computers. Both have their advantages. Before listing some of the best sites to buy books online, we will mention the ups of buying a printed copy or downloading an electronic file.

As for ebooks, no matter how many books you want to read, there is no worry about the books taking up space in your home. It is a much cheaper option. It is almost effortless to find information within the book by simply using the search bar (CTRL+F). When you come across a new word all you need to do is select the word and search for it in your web browser. Some PDF readers have the read-aloud option where a computerized voice will narrate the entire file for you.

On the other hand, some people prefer to buy a printed version of the same book. They like the feel of holding a book and turning the pages as they read. Besides, this is a healthier option. It is less strainful for your eyes. Moreover, it is comparatively easy to stay focused while reading printed books. 

Whatever way you like to read, there are so many resources for either. In this article, we are listing some of the best websites for both.

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Where to buy books online?

Book Depository

If you are someone who likes to read the newest books, then Book Depository is a great site to buy books online for yourself. The online store has a good selection of newly published books and yet-to-release ones. Its collection is not just limited to the newly released books. You will also find all-time favourites. 

Also, Book Depository is a great place to discover underrated or book titles unknown to you. The reader rating of each book is displayed below the book title. Thus, it lets you know which books are well-liked by other readers. 

The site boasts a worldwide free delivery. Whatever book you have chosen to buy, you will only be paying for it and not any extra delivery free.

This site’s name is quite self-explanatory. It offers eBooks for free. Just sign up and you can download up to five books every month. Whether you are looking to read a novel for entertainment or a reference textbook for your classes, the site has it all. has specially curated book lists namely “best books to take you on a journey”, “World War !! reading list”, “post-apocalyptic reading list” and more catered to a specific genre or storyline. ‘

Moreover, all the books on this website have a preview option. This allows you to read the first few pages without the need of downloading them. 

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Thrift Books

There are times when you want to get a new copy of a book and there are times you prefer getting used ones – depending on your budget. Thrift Books has multiple copies of the same title that fall under different price range and quality. 

In addition to the books, Thrift Books also sells CDs, DVDs and video games. 

To encourage you to read more, the online book retail store has a ReadingRewards program where you can earn points every time you shop on Thrift Books. In the basic reward scheme which is called “Reader”, you get 8 points for every dollar you shop. Once you accumulate 500 points, you can buy something worth US$ 5 for free. There are two other paid reward schemes in which you can enjoy extra benefits.

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Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble is an online bookshop that dedicated fans of novels are going to love. The site sells signed copies of the select book. If you want to own a signed copy of your favourite author, then Barnes & Noble is a great choice to buy books online. 

There is another reason why this site is a fan favourite. You can buy newly launched books or pre-order books that are going to come to the market. Just like Book Depository, even this site shows the books’ reader rating. Thus letting you know which books other buyers found interesting to read. 

Best of all, Barnes & Nobles is catered to both people who like to read ebooks and printed books. In other words, the online store sells both. Moreover, there is an overview written for every book title. This contains reviews from critics and a synopsis of the book. 

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Blackwell’s is a bookshop that has sold books for more than a hundred years. It is yet another site to get yourself a signed copy of a book. For anyone who likes reading a particular genre, the site has lists of the best books under each genre selected by avid readers. The site also shows books that they recommend you to read. This makes the site perfect for exploring books.

For each book available in the store, there is a detailed synopsis written. This will give you a clear gist of the plot. That way you will be able to find and buy a book that you know you will want to read till the last page.

This classic bookstore hosts events regularly. In these paid online events, you can join discussions with authors who will talk about their books. 


Owned by Amazon, Goodreads is one of the most popular online book libraries. It is where people come to rate books they have already read or find books that they want to add to their wishlist.

Goodreads itself does not sell books. Instead, it shows websites where you can buy books online. This includes both links to getting an e-copy and the printed version of any particular book. 

On this website, you can also set your yearly reading goals. You can use it to keep a count of how many books you have read throughout the year. If you like a little competition or a little push to read more, then other users’ goals are available for you to see. 

Moreover, if you want to suggest any particular book, you can always include that in the comments section of their goals forum. 

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