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10 Chrome Music Extensions for Music Lovers

There are a lot of great music devices and applications are available for music lovers. In this post collection of best chrome music extensions for you.  so you can find great programmes to listen to your favorite classical music, pop, rock,  hip hop or internet radio stations on your web browser.

Lyrics for Google Chrome

This extension is a great way to get the lyrics from many popular music services like YouTube, Grooveshark,, and Google Play.

Radio Player Live

If you’d like to listen to the radio while browsing the web, Radio Player Live lets you listen to music or podcast or even news from a radio station. You can easily listen to any audio stream. Add your own feeds, or add radio stations among the thousands available from United States, UK, Canada, Australia India, or all around the World. Download

Radioplayer extension

Radioplayer is a UK based online radio player that you can access to over 300 online stations listen to music from pop, rock, and jazz to classical, news, talk, comedy, and sports.


Zazoo Music adds scrolling lyrics to thousands of official music videos, so you can rock out the music while following along word for word.

Radio Player Live

Radio Player Live is another great extension for streaming music from almost any source on the web. Scrobbler Scrobbler is one of the best extensions for fans of It supports a lot of popular music platforms.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is a complete destination for music lovers. It is a cloud storage so that you can access your playlist from anywhere in the world.


Flutter is a really cool extension that allows you to use your webcam to control music using gestures. It supports Spotify and plenty of other desktop players with the help of its desktop app. The Chrome extension adds some really useful functionality such as the ability to use the gestures on YouTube videos.

iTunes Search – Songs/Albums

Search Apple iTunes for songs and albums. Find, download and listen to your favorite music.

Better Music for Google Music

A Chrome extension for Google Music to improve the experience.

YOUZEEK Free Music

Discover & listen to your music anywhere for FREE

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