20 Eye-catching Creative Packaging Designs

Packaging design is so important in today’s market place that is has evolved into to much more than a simple element of manufacturing. Here we are showcasing 20 creative packaging designs for your inspiration.

1. Gnome Bread Packaging

1 creative-packaging-Gnome Bread Packaging

Designed by Lo Siento Studio


2. Note Headphones

2 creative-packaging-Note Headphones  2 creative-packaging-Note Headphones2

(Designer: Corinne Pant)


3. Beehive Honey Squares

3 creative-packaging-Beehive Honey Squares

Designed by Lacy Kuhn


4. NYC Spaghetti

4 creative-packaging-NYC Spaghetti

Designer: Alex Creamer


5. Ford Ranger Extreme: Matchbox

5 creative-packaging-Ford Ranger Extreme Matchbox

Advertising Agency: JWT, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


6. Creative Japanese Pastry Packaging

6 creative-packaging-Creative Japanese Pastry Packaging


 7. Tea Hangers

7 creative-packaging-Tea Hangers 2 7 creative-packaging-Tea Hangers

Designed by Soon Mo Kang


8. Origami Beer

8 creative-packaging-Origami Beer

Designed by Clara Lindsten


9. “City Harvest” Grocery Bag

9 creative-packaging-City Harvest Grocery Bag 1 9creative-packaging-City Harvest Grocery Bag 2

Designed by Andy Winner and One Show Merit


10. Honey Made by Bees

10 creative-packaging-Honey Made by Bees-1 10 creative-packaging-Honey Made by Bees-2

Designed by Maksi Marbuzov


11. Kokeshi Matchsticks

11 creative-packaging-Kokeshi Matchsticks-1 12 creative-packaging-Kokeshi Matchsticks-2 12 creative-packaging-Kokeshi Matchsticks-3

Designed by


12. Whitebites dog snacks

13 creative-packaging-Whitebites dog snacks

Designer: Cecilia Uhr


13. Kiss – Fruit and vegetable puree

14 creative-packaging-Kiss – Fruit and vegetable puree-1 14 creative-packaging-Kiss – Fruit and vegetable puree-2 14 creative-packaging-Kiss – Fruit and vegetable puree-3

Designed by Alexandra Istratova


14. Zen Perfume

15 creative-packaging-Zen Perfume 15 creative-packaging-Zen Perfume-2


Designed by Igor Mitin


15. Green Berry Tea

15 creative-packaging-Green Berry Tea

Designed by Natalia Ponomareva


16. Fishing Boat Water Bottle

16 creative-packaging-Fishing Boat Water Bottle

Designed by Designers Anonymous


17. Juicy Juice Boxes

17 creative-packaging-Juicy Juice Boxes 1 17 creative-packaging-Juicy Juice Boxes 2

Designed by Preston Grubbs


18. Mini Oliva Olive Oil

18 creative-packaging-Mini Oliva Olive Oil-1 18 creative-packaging-Mini Oliva Olive Oil-2 18 creative-packaging-Mini Oliva Olive Oil-3



19. Blood of Grapes Wine Bottle

19 creative-packaging-Blood of Grapes Wine Bottle-1 19 creative-packaging-Blood of Grapes Wine Bottle-2

Designed by Constantin Bolimond


20. Pink Glasses Wine Bottles

20 creative-packaging-Pink Glasses Wine Bottles-1 20creative-packaging-Pink Glasses Wine Bottles-2

Designed by Luksemburk