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Free Multi-Camera Live Streaming Software – Everything You Need to Know

Multi-camera angle shots are all you need while online live streaming to make your video look more professional. 

Earlier, multi-camera shots were extensively used in news channels and sports videos. This keeps the audience entertained throughout.

However, live streaming software for YouTube videos and for other social media platforms is the latest trend.

Want more engagement from your live audiences?

Multi-camera live streaming software not only creates audience engagement but it saves the editing time after the shooting also. Bonus!

Some other features you can expect from such a software are inserting the shoots, real time editing, virtual effects, and making the transactions. 

Want to know more?

Bear with us.

Multi-Cam Software Vs. Traditional Camera Setup

Videos strike directly to viewers’ minds. 

And interesting videos are tend to be viewed again and again.

To get the instant attention from the viewers, you have to make the video more captivating.

In films, to give the thrill of watching to its viewers, the scenes are usually captured using multiple cameras.

The live streaming with multi-camera software is also able to create such thrills for the viewers to generate maximum engagement. 

Even in a newsroom, there is a minimum of three cameras setup

Ever got a chance to visit a newsroom?

You might or might not have noticed that there a 3 cameras, such as-

  1. Close Shot Camera – Focuses on the face of the anchor
  2. Medium Shot Camera – Covers the anchor and the desk
  3. Wide Shot Camera – Captures the wide view of the entire newsroom

These multi-cam views make the news watching experience more eye-catching than could not be possible with just one camera.

Points to Remember While Choosing the Multi-Camera Live Streaming Software

Decided upon multi-camera live streaming software?

Wait… Here are a few points to remember before you make a purchase.

Read on!

It’s really simple to make videos with a single camera. Multi-cam needs extra effort.

Other note-worthy tips while handling free multi-cam live streaming software are-

Live streaming with a multi-camera setup is becoming the essential practice for YouTubers and others who have a tight hand in video editing

Many people think that spending some money on getting a multi-camera setup is all right to get the best video. 

Well, you can get your purpose very well solved using a free multi-camera live streaming software.

The Best Free Live Streaming Software for YouTube

A Considerable List of Free Live Streaming Software for YouTube that You Might Use and Solve Your Video-Creation Purpose without Investing a Cent

1. OBS Studio

OBS Studio is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS. 

As it’s an open-source multi-cam live streaming software, it’s free to use. Hence OBS is hugely popular among the YouTubers.

OBS is suitable for the amateur live streamers who are practicing their hands in live streaming.

It allows modification via plugins and API. 

You don’t need to be highly tech-savvy to use OBS Studio. It’s pretty simple.

Let’s take a look at OBS Studio’s up and down sides.

Advantages of Using OBS:

Disadvantages of Using OBS: 

2. Streamlabs Software

Streamlabs is open-source software. 

This live streaming software is highly reliable in terms of interacting with the viewers, reading chats, and getting the video.

YouTube, Twitch and Facebook Live, and other social media platforms are quite compatible with this software.

Streamlabs is a freemium live streaming software.

Streamlabs’s premium version comes at a reasonable price. 

Advantages of Using Streamlabs:

Disadvantages of Using Streamlabs:

3. Lightstream Live Broadcast Software

Lightstream allows one week free trial for its users.

It has a fast setup process.

And live streaming starts in the blink of an eye.

This live broadcasting software is considered to be the best software for YouTube videos as it’s cloud-based. 

For a better user experience, Lightstream allows the third-party application interface.

As a user you can enjoy the features like screen sharing and midstream notifications. 

Advantages of Using Lightstream:

Disadvantages of Using Lightstream:

4. vMix Live Streaming Software 

vMix offers the mixing of audio and video, and helps in high-definition live streaming. 

The vMix Live streaming software integrates effectively with the social media tools for efficient results. 

It’s widely used for live streaming Facebook videos and other social media videos. 

Register for the free version of this freemium live streaming software to know knitty-gritty of vMix.

Advantages of Using vMix:

Disadvantages of Using vMix:

Concluding Notes

The free multi-camera live streaming software is in high demand.

Are you looking for software solutions with utility and engaging quality? 

Then, you should go with these models.

Even the Facebook live videos are created with such software with multi-camera live streaming facility in-built.

In earlier times, it used to be very difficult to work with a multi-camera setup. 

Now, you can do live streaming quite smoothly with a free live streaming multi-camera software.

So, the free multi-camera live streaming software is pretty much helpful when you are looking for inexpensive options of a perfect video creating software.

Hopefully, this article has given you the much-needed information about the free multi-camera live streaming software.

Do let us know your views and opinions.

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