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Free Music Websites To Download Songs Legally: TOP 10 List of 2022

The Internet is full of resources when it comes to downloading music. But, not all options are free and most importantly, not all options are legal. When downloading music, make sure the website you are using is credible and legal – nobody wants to deal with legal trouble! 

So, where to download free music? The 10 websites listed below are sites that we have used and trust, and we truly believe are the best websites for downloading music – all are free and 100% legal to use!

The top 10 Best Free Music Websites

#1 SoundCloud

Ranking in at #1 on our list of best music websites is SoundCloud. This website is one of the most popular and well-known sites for letting your stream and download an unlimited amount of music – and it’s free!

On SoundCloud, all tracks are uploaded by new and emerging artists, but many famous musicians use the platform too. You can search by band, artists, song, etc. which makes it super easy to navigate. 

SoundCloud is an amazing platform if you love to discover new artists or music styles. The platform gets a feel for the kind of music you like, and shows you both emerging artists, along with artists you are already familiar with. This is one of the main reasons we think it’s one of the best websites for downloading music. 

#2 Amazon

Yes, you heard that right – Amazon is one of the best websites to download music for free, and legally. This is one streaming platform that not many people know about but, it has over 6,000 songs available for you to download.

On Amazon, you aren’t just stuck to emerging and new artists like you would be with other music websites. You can access music from some of your favorite popular bands and artists such as The Weeknd, Taylor Swift, Jimi Hendrix and so much more – this is why we love this platform and believe it’s one of the best music websites.

The platform is super easy to navigate and it’s has a simple, sleek layout. Not only do you have access to music, you also have access to podcasts! The platform gets a feel for the kind of music and artists you like and gives recommendations based on that. 

#3 NoiseTrade

This platform is free – but with a twist. The artists who use this platform to show their music to listeners allow them to listen to their music for free, but… they ask for either a postal address or email address in return. The point is to connect with people who are listening to and like their music, while also getting their information so they can advertise to them in the future. If you like their music, it’s a win-win for both sides!

The good thing about this platform is that all the artists on this site are already signed up with a record label and already have albums available – so if you like them, you’ll have plenty of content from them.

#4 Jamendo

This music website is specifically independent music – meaning ‘on-the-rise” artists. Jamendo has around 240,000 royalty-free music tracks from over 40,000 artists. Since all these artists are independent and upload their music themselves, this platform is best for those who love to explore new music. 

Jamendo has curated playlists and stations that get updated as new artists arise and become more popular. 

If you like to listen to mainstream music, this isn’t the site for you. But if you love to explore and find new music, this is the best music website for you!


#5 ReverbNation

ReverbNation is easily one of the best music websites where you can download music for free. This music website is great for “up-and-coming bands that are looking to sell their music online – while being a free website for people looking to download free music. It’s a double win-win for both band and listener!

This has proved to be a successful outlet for some of the biggest bands today, such as Imagine Dragons – ReverbNation is where they started, and look at them now! 

#6 DatPiff

This is an extremely popular music website for those who love Rap and Hip-Hop. It features your favorite mainstream artists, such as Lil Wayne, and emerging artists. 

If you love streaming mainstream music, mixtapes, and freestyle rap, this is the best music website for you! This website features all your favorite rappers such as Drake, Lil Wayne, French Montana, and more. But, it also features new rappers who are on-the-rise.

Not only does DatPiff let you download music for free (and legally), it gives you access to new music, music release schedules, fan-made freestyles, and it keeps you up-to-date on what’s happening in the music industry world. 

#7 Beatstars

The first thing you’ll notice about the music website is the aesthetically pleasing User Interface. It features a dark mode and makes streaming music easy and fun!

Similar to NoiseTrade, you will have to submit your email address to Beatstars to download music for free, and you may be asked to subscribe or like an artist’s channel. This is a common tactic for music download sites – we like to mention this so you don’t think it’s a scam.

Beatstars is a good marketplace for music artist and listeners so we think this is one the best music website to download music because it allows you to filter music by song genre, most popular, trending music, and more. This makes it easy to find new artists that are in the genre of music you enjoy most. 

#8 Internet Archive

This is a great option if you are looking to download more than just music – The Internet Archive also allows you to download audiobooks, podcasts, radio stations, and even live music! This is one of the best sites in our opinion just because it’s a one-stop-shop.

How to download music? The organization of this music website isn’t the best, but you can sort music by year, creator, language, trending, etc. 

#9 SoundClick

On this music website, you can search for different artists’ profiles, and download their music directly from it and it’s completely free. If you are searching for free mp3 music download sites, it is the good one to land.

SoundClick recently updated the look of their website, making it much more pleasing to look at and much easy to navigate. This site features mostly new artists who are trying to make a name for themselves. This is one of the best free online music platforms if you are into finding new artists and music!

#10 Musopen

Lastly, this is for those who aren’t into rock, country, and pop music. Calling all classical music lovers… This is the best music website to download classical music!

This site features some of the most popular classical musicians of all time. You’ll find all your favorite music ranging from Beethoven to Holst. 

You can easily browse music by composer, instrument, time period, and much more. What makes this music site even better is that you can also download sheet music and educational resources – free and legal!

Final Thought

We always encourage you to do your research when finding the best music website to download music. There is a site out there for everyone depending on your taste in music. Always make sure the site you choose is credible and legal. 

These 10 options are the best music websites we have found for downloading music – and we researched to ensure they are 100% free, and 100% legal. 

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