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Free Windows 8 eBooks

Windows 8 is the newest operating system from the Microsoft corporation for desktops, laptops, and tablets. Windows 8 represents the biggest change to Microsoft’s operating system since the launch of Windows 95. After installing Windows 8 on your system, you must be wondering about the next step. These free Windows 8 eBooks that will help you to get started upon Windows 8. Here is collection of 5 useful Windows 8 free eBooks for beginners.

Windows 8 For Dummies

This is one of the most popular eBook guides on Windows 8 that you can find on the Web.  Dell is offering up a free ebook of a reference guide covering Microsoft’s latest OS, entitled Windows 8 for Dummies, Dell Pocket Edition.

windows 8 for dummies

Introducing Windows 8 – An Overview For IT Professionals

A new free e-Book for IT professionals: Introducing Windows 8 – An Overview for IT Professionals. In this 147-page eBook, you’ll find 11 chapters of detailed technical content covering the following key improvements for supporting PCs with Windows 8.


Getting Started: Your Guide To Windows 8

MakeUseOf has kindly released a free Getting Started guidebook, written by author Christian Cawley.

Windows 8 Accessibility

To help us to understand better what’s new and how to use Accessibility features in Windows 8, Microsoft released a set of free user guides focusing on Windows 8 Accessibility that includes a 2-page Accessibility fact sheet in PDF format and a 89-page of Accessibility Tutorials in both PDF and MS Word format.

Windows 8 Accessibility

Programming Windows 8 Apps With HTML, CSS, And JavaScript!

The Windows Store needs to be pushed, and what better way to push it than to offer free programming ebooks for developers. This comprehensive guide covers information on live tiles, notifications, background tasks and networking in relation to the new Windows 8 Store apps.