Futuristic Eco-Village in Belgium – Old Industrialized Area as an Amazing Energy-Generating Community

Ecological designer Vincent Callebaut present new conceptual project, he creates yet another environmentally sensitive fantasy land, this time transforming Brussels’ historic Tour & Taxis. The resulting concept is a sleek, futuristic eco-village that any young professional would love to call home.

As a former industrial site, Tour & Taxis was once a symbol of the golden age of Industrialization, and its approximately 100 acres (40 hectares) is currently undergoing a renewal. So, it’s only fitting that the native architect turn his incredibly imaginative creative force toward imagining the space as only he can.

The BIOCAMPUS is the centre of daily life in this biomimetic design based on the forms of nature.


These residential vertical gardens are the perfect example of green sustainable architecture.

Spread over 100 acres, Callebout’s concept is part of an effort to revitalize the former industrial center, which was built on wetlands.

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