16 Crazy Creative Headshots by Evgeni Kolesnik

Ukrainian photographer, Evgeni Kolesnik creates visual women headshots with much creativity. Flower bunches frame his model’s faces, sometimes almost hidden by water or masked by snow. He mix everything from splash photography to crazy face paint to intense wreaths, shoots some of the most creative straight-on studio portraits we’ve ever seen.


Headshots-by-Evgeni-Kolesnik-1 Headshots-by-Evgeni-Kolesnik-2



women portraits-by-Evgeni-Kolesnik-10 portrait-by-Evgeni-Kolesnik-12 Headshots-by-Evgeni-Kolesnik13 Headshots-by-Evgeni-Kolesnik-15  Headshots-by-Evgeni-Kolesnik-17

Headshot splash photo -by-Evgeni-Kolesnik-5 portrait-by-Evgeni-Kolesnik-3 Headshot-by-Evgeni-Kolesnik-4 by-Evgeni-Kolesnik-6 Headshots-by-Evgeni-Kolesnik-7 by-Evgeni-Kolesnik-8 portraits-by-Evgeni-Kolesnik-9

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