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Best WordPress Theme to Create Knowledge Base, Question & Answer, Glossary and FAQ Website

Helpdesk is the best WordPress Theme to create discussion site like Knowledge Base, Question & Answer, Glossary and FAQ Website for your online presence. This amazing theme bundled with premium plugins such as Question & Answer Pro, DW Knowledge Base pro, Glossary and FAQ plugin that help you to build a website you want.

DW Helpdesk WordPress theme designed by DesignWall which builds a complete helpdesk system. You can receive, organise, track and most importantly, resolve customer support issues. This is fully responsive to all devices. It is optimised for high resolutions display.

Knowledge Base Website

Here you can provide your customers support solutions, error messages, and troubleshooting guides.

Question & Answer Website

Still running that foggy forum software? Easily setup a whole discuss page where users can ask and answer questions as well as supporting other users.

FAQ Website

Add Frequently Asked Questions section via widget or shortcode or PHP function.


This early feature helps you to build an alphabetical list of terms in a particular domain of knowledge with the definitions for those terms.

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