How To Convert PDF to HTML: Step by Step Guide with ToolRocket

How To Convert PDF to HTML Step by Step Guide

Portable Document Format or PDF is a popular type of file used in various online applications. It’s now become a norm to share documents in PDF format owing to its appeal and clean looks. But not every situation requires a PDF, and you might want to convert it to a different format. 

If you are a web developer or someone who deals with HTML code, you might need to convert PDF to HTML. Frankly, converting a PDF to HTML is quite easy as long as you have the right tool for it. Many tools out there convert PDF to HTML fine but can cause errors that you might have to fix manually later. 

So, in this guide, we will be using a tried and tested tool that provides excellent results called ToolRocket. The tool is free to download. There are lots of online converters tools in the market, but the ToolRocket PDF converter software for windows 10 comes with some cool features and most importantly easy to use. They also provide PDF converter apps for Android and IOS.

Steps To Convert PDF To HTML

Step 1: Download ToolRocket PDF converter

First, you need to download the application. You can do so by following the link given below.

Download Now

Step 2: Run the application

Running ToolRocket PDF converter is easy. Navigate to the folder where the installation file was downloaded and double-click on it. In case it doesn’t work “Right Click” on the installation file and select “Run as administrator”

Run the application

Step 3: Load the files 

After your system recognizes the application, it will open the ToolRocket PDF converter in a separate window. Once the tool is up and running, you need to load the PDF files that need converting onto the application. There are two quick ways of doing this.

One method is by “Dragging and Dropping” the PDF files onto the file box of the software. 

Dragging and Dropping the PDF files

The other way is by using the “Add File or Add Folder” buttons.

Add File or Add Folder

Keep in mind that ToolRocket is software that can convert PDF files in batches. So, you get to save time by converting multiple PDF files at once.

Step 4: Select the right setting 

After the files are loaded into the software, you need to select the right setting. The interface of the ToollRocket PDF converter is simple to understand. It has a Menu bar to the top that displays the unique features the application offer and a toolbar to the left that show various options for each feature. To convert PDF to HTML, you need to select the “File to HTML” option under the “PDF Converter” feature.

ToollRocket PDF converter

Step 4: Select Directory

Next, you need to select the right directory for the converted files to be stored. You can do this by changing the path shown at the bottom of the window.

After the right directory is set, click “Start” to begin the conversion. 

ToollRocket PDF converter

Step 5: After conversion

Once the conversion is completed, click on the “triple dot icon” to the right, which will then produce a drop-down menu. The drop-down menu will comprise a few functions you can select from.

How To Convert PDF to HTML with ToollRocket

Why Choose ToolRocket PDF Converter

Converting PDF files to HTML documents is just one of the many features offered by ToolRocket PDF converter. Although going into each of these features in-depth would need another article of its own. The following are a few notable options the software offer unlike most free to download PDF Converters.

An extensive list of conversions

Many PDF converters are very specific with conversions. For example, a PDF to Excel Converter will only change a PDF file to an Excel document and nothing more. But the functions of the ToolRocket PDF converter is not so limiting as it provides a list of conversion types you can choose from.

CAD conversion

This is a feature that is very useful for Engineers, Architects, or anyone involved with Autocad. Although some PDF converters offer different conversion types, it’s quite rare to see CAD conversions on the list. So, this alone makes the ToolRocket PDF converter stand out from the most PDF converters out there. The function allows you to convert a CAD document to an image, PDF, or DWF file.

PDF Edits

The ToolRocket PDF converter allows you to perform multiple editing operations on PDFs as well. Encrypting, Decrypting and PDF merging are some functions you can perform using this tool. It also allows you to extract pages and images from a PDF file. 

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

This feature comes quite handy for those wanting to convert handwritten text to a PDF. Because of the design of this function, it can even pick up some characters that other OCRs have trouble recognizing.

All things considered, the ToolRocket PDF converter makes dealing with PDFs considerably easier. The variety of functions it offers makes it undoubtedly one of the best free PDF converters out there.

Convert PDF To HTML Mobile Apps

Do you want to convert pdf design as an HTML file with your smart phone? You should use a PDF converter. If you are looking to convert PDF to HTML on iPhone or iPad, you can find a good app for converting from PDF to HTML, Word, Excel, PPT, JPG, PNG, TXT, and more. If you have a Samsung smartphone, you can download convert PDF to HTML for android app from the Google play store.


Converting PDF files to HTML is an easy process when you use an application. ToolRocket offers the best industry-standard PDF converter tool. Not only PDF tool, but they also have some other cool software for Windows 10.