How To Make A Brain Cake for Halloween

This brain cake tutorial by cake designer and zombie enthusiast Yolanda Gampp on YouTube show “How To Cake It”. Brain Cake episode was inspired by The Walking Dead premiere this week. Take a look at how to make a red velvet human brain cake for Halloween party.

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Invite your undead friends over for a feast

How To Cake It Brain Cake 1

Carve your deep red velvet cake into a brain shape

How To Cake It Brain Cake 3

Shower it in simple syrup. Gotta keep that brain fresh and moist!

How To Cake It Brain Cake 4

Roll your fondant into ropes, and twizzle it into brain tissue. Yes, twizzle is the technical term

How To Cake It Brain Cake 5

How To Cake It Brain Cake 6

Cover your Brain Cake in raspberry jam. Get in all the nooks and crannies. Don’t be afraid to splatter

How To Cake It Brain Cake 7

Bonus points if you eat your Brain Cake with your hands. Zombies aren’t so good with forks!

How To Cake It Brain Cake 2

 halloween brain cake

In her video, she gives a recipe and step-by-step instructions on how to make your own oozing, red velvet masterpiece.

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