30 Awesome Illustrations by Oscar Ramos

In today’s post we are featuring 30 creative illustrations created by talented graphic designer Oscar Ramos from Santiago, Chile.  He works for advertising campaigns and each image differs by unique quality, amazing attention to details and subtle humor.

Publishing campaign to Bilz y Pap sodas

Publishing-campaign-to-Bilz-y-Pap-sodas-1 Publishing-campaign-to-Bilz-y-Pap-sodas-2 Publishing-campaign-to-Bilz-y-Pap-sodas-3 Publishing-campaign-to-Bilz-y-Pap-sodas-4 Publishing-campaign-to-Bilz-y-Pap-sodas-5 Publishing-campaign-to-Bilz-y-Pap-sodas-6


Clueless Racecar Driver



Animals Chery

animals chery 1 animals chery 2 animals chery 3


Characters 1 Characters 2 Characters 3


Choose to live healthy

Choose-to-live-healthy-1 Choose-to-live-healthy-2 Choose-to-live-healthy-3



Cowboy 1 Cowboy 2 Cowboy 3


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Plant Bottle Coca-Cola



Pata Escudo

Pata Escudo 1



Tropitone 1 Tropitone 2 Tropitone 3


Nutriboost campaign




publishig-campaign-1 publishig-campaign-2


Family Chery

Family Chery 1 Family Chery 2 Family Chery 4

Oscar’s website

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