John Lewis Christmas Advert 2015 Man On The Moon

The John Lewis Christmas advert is the most anticipated of the year and helps kick-start the festive season. The two-minute clip shows a six-year-old called Lily trying to reach an old man who lives alone in a hut on the moon. She spies him through the family telescope – available to buy in stores. But nothing – bow and arrow, paper aeroplane or snail mail – can reach him.

When Christmas Day comes around, a tree is plonked in the living room, presents are promptly unwrapped, and Lily is surrounded by family. The old man gets a gift of his own: a classic telescope, delivered to him in a cloud of colourful helium balloons – not unlike the opening scene to the Pixar movie ‘Up’. There are tears when they finally lock eyes.


John Lewis Christmas advert 2015 image-2

Christmas Advert 2015