JuiceTank iPhone case has a built-in charger

JuiceTank iPhone case is designed for the iPhone 4/4S by Lloyd Gladstone and Jesse Pliner, the case incorporates all of the necessary charging electronics, including the plug. The JuiceTank is the first iPhone case to feature an integrated wall charger that folds flat to provide maximum portability. The automated plug deploys easily and allows you to plug your phone directly into any outlet. No cords required.

Detached is raising funding for the JuiceTank through Kickstarter and at the time of writing, with almost two months left to run, the project still had about US$100,000 left to reach its $125,000 goal. The cases are expected to retail for $70 each, but backers can get them for $55 each or less depending on how much they contribute. If the creators manage to secure funding though, the JuiceTank could ship as soon as this summer.


[via Kickstarter ]