30 Best Linux Distros List – Linux Distributions 2018

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30 Best Linux Distros List Linux Distributions

Here is a list of most popular Linux distros for developers. There are hundreds of Linux distributions available, many of Linux distros will perfectly meet your needs.

Ubuntu is one of the most popular Linux distributions for desktops. Which Linux distribution is right for you? There is no one right answer because it depends on your experience and specific needs. Ubuntu and Arch Linux enable beginners to use Linux without requiring a steep learning curve to produce results. Gentoo and FreeBSD are definitely for more advanced users. Mandriva, Debian GNU/Linux, and openSUSE are the best programs if you are willing to trade some advanced features for stability and continuing support.

If you browse best and new Linux distros, in this post we’re going to list top Linux distros 2018. This list is in random order because it would be hard to do it on Linux distros rankings as they fluctuate so much per distribution.

Top Linux Distros 2017

1. Arch Linux

Arch Linux is a lightweight and flexible Linux distribution that tries to keep its simple. This Linux distribution for computers based on x86-64 architectures. If you run into difficulty, the Arch Linux Wiki offers a helpful installation guide.

You can download Arch Linux here

2. Debian

Debian is one of the oldest Linux distros and is built with stability in mind. All programs included with Debian have to meet the Debian Free Software Guidelines.

You can download Debian here

3. Raspbian

You can download Raspbian here

4. Gentoo

You can download Gentoo here

5. Ubuntu

You can download Ubuntu here

6. Fedora

You can download Fedora here

7. OpenSUSE

You can download OpenSUSE here

8. CentOS

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