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Luxurious Eco-Friendly Underground Home with Subterranean Pool

Underground homes or low-impact houses are generally preferred by green enthusiasts who want to minimize their negative impact on environment. With housing crisis and shortage of land, many architects and designers are looking supporting the thought of underground homes, to promote a better living for conscious takers.

Two English firms—NC Homes and Huntsmere—have proposed an underground dwelling that’s as luxurious as a conventional, above-the-soil structure. Called Perdu, it’s a circular three-bedroom home located on the grounds of Bowdon in Manchester.

When building underground, there’s always the concern of having ample natural light. To mitigate this, Perdu has a dome-shaped passage in the center that allows sunlight to enter the home. Its other environmentally-friendly features include rainwater harvesting, a heat exchange system, and hot water that’s warmed with the help of solar tubes.


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Aside from its unique location, Perdu is comparable to any other home. It has a full kitchen, living area, bedrooms, and workout space. There’s also a swimming pool (albeit subterranean) that’s complete with a waterside. This opulent, eco-conscious space doesn’t come cheap, however: it’s priced at approximately $3.7 million to own.

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Subterranean swimming pool with aluminium shute

underground home floor plan for Perdu house

Floor plan for Perdu