MacBook is Showing a White Screen, What to do?

fix mac white screen

After hitting the power button, you heard the MacBook laptop beep but didn’t show an Apple logo. Instead, a white screen was all you see and the booting process seemed to stop there. Sometimes you may see a spinning wheel or a cursor on the white screen, but the MacBook still can’t boot to the login screen or boot past loading bar.

This white screen of death is threatening your important information on the MacBook, because the problem can be caused by hardware issues which can make the computer dead in any minute.

Do you want to keep your information safe as well as make the MacBook turn on correctly? Keep reading.

Rescue files from an unbootable MacBook

Before you attempt to try any solutions, it is always suggested restoring files first. In addition to the reason mentioned above, another reason is that the solutions below may format or overwrite the Mac startup disk, resulting in corrupt or lost files.

In the unbootable Mac situation, you need to purchase a professional data recovery tool. Most of those data recovery tools will help you create a bootable disk on another healthy Mac, and then boot your crashed MacBook up and extract files from it.

However, it is not the easiest way. What if you don’t have an empty disk or another healthy Mac? Therefore, the best way is to launch data recovery software directly without a boot disk or installation.

iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac is capable of starting up in Recovery Mode with Internet connection. It can get pictures, videos, documents and other files off the unbootable Mac successfully. It won’t need you to create a bootable disk and no installation is needed either. Use Terminal in Recovery Mode to launch the software easily.

MacBook is Showing a White Screen What to do

Make MacBook finish booting up

After all files are restored, here are a few proved solutions you can try to solve the issue on your own.

Solution 1: Force restart the MacBook

Unlike a normal shutdown, you have to hold down the power key for 10 seconds to completely turn off the computer. Then hit the power button to restart the Mac. If necessary, you can take out the battery, put it back and then restart the Mac. This will give the MacBook a fresh start to try to boot up correctly.

Solution 2: Detach all peripheral devices

If you have many external physical devices connected to the MacBook such as mouse, keyboard, and USB hub, those items may interrupt the startup of the Mac OS. Disconnect them all and restart the laptop.

Solution 3: Fix the Macintosh HD

There may be some software errors on the startup disk. Running First Aid from Recovery Mode is another solution. Even though many users complained that this solution is no use, we hope you can luck out.

  1. Restart the MacBook and hold down Command + Option + R before the computer starts to boot.
  2.  Release the keys until you see a spinning earth planet.
  3.  Click Disk Utility in the menu.
  4. Select the Mac HD containing the operating system.
  5. Hit First Aid and hit Run in the pop-up.

Solution 4: Reinstall macOS

Now that the OS itself is undergoing some unknown errors that prevent the MacBook to start up, the most effective way is to reinstall the OS. Even though you can reinstall the OS directly by selecting the Reinstall macOS option in the main menu in Recovery Mode, we recommend that you format the Mac HD first in Disk Utility and then reinstall the OS in case the reinstallation would fail because of the Mac HD errors.

  1. Boot the MacBook into Recovery Mode and make sure the computer has Internet access.
  2. Select Disk Utility and select Mac HD in the drive list.
  3. Click on Erase. Please note if you are going to reinstall macOS 10.13 and later, choose APFS as the format while choose Mac OS Extended as the format for macOS 10.12 and earlier versions.
  4. Go back to the main menu and choose Reinstall macOS (or Reinstall OS X).
  5. Follow the wizard and finish the personal settings.


We hope those solutions can help you solve the unbootable MacBook problem. If not, you can go to Apple store for help.