This amazing photography project reveals how much we change over the years

One day, Merilee, who works as a designer in Salt Lake City, Utah, and her friend had a conversation about their teenage years that brought back so many memories. They remembered that at the time things were actually quite tough. Someone had to wear hand-me-downs from their siblings, someone had braces and wore ugly glasses, and someone else didn’t fit in and had to deal with bullying at school, which led to them developing multiple complexes. Merilee was inspired by this conversation, so she decided to create a photography project. She wanted people to take a picture of his or herself holding an old portrait, to show how much they had managed to change after all these years.
‘I want people to be proud of who they’ve become. I want young people to see that this is just the beginning, and it’s pointless to pay attention to all the bullies. And I also want to show that everyone who took part in this project not only coped with all the difficulties but became wonderful people as well. Each of us is unique, and that’s great, because it’s the differences that set us apart from everyone else. This project is for nerds, geeks, fashion victims, for your past and your present, for all of you!’ Merilee says.


Merilee, the author of the project, 11 and 35 years old


Autumn, 13 and 32 years old


Becca, 12 and 29 years old


Brooke, nine and 33 years old


Joe, 15 and 33 years old


Stacey, 11 and 28 years old


Cynthia, 11 and 36 years old


Heidi, 13 and 31 years old


Mark, 19 and 38 years old


Laura, 12 and 41 years old


Daisy, eight and 39 years old