Artist Redesigns Cozy Kids Blankets As Crocheted Mermaid Tails

Artist Melanie Campbell of CassJamesDesigns creates fantastical crocheted blankets inspired by mermaid, her mermaid tail blankets come in different sizes for adults, children and toddlers

The mermaid tail blanket is hand-made from super-soft acrylic, is machine washable, comes in two different color combinations to choose from including a pink/red/teal mix, or a purple/teal mix, and comes in 3 different sizes to choose from depending on how large the human is you’re buying this for, including a toddler size, a child size, and a teen/adult size. The toddler size measures 34 inches long x 27 inches wide, the child size measures 43 inches long x 35 inches wide, and the teen/adult size measures 51 inches long x 35 inches wide.


Mermaid Tail blanket cassjamesdesigns-1

Mermaid Tail blanket cassjamesdesigns-2

Mermaid Tail blanket cassjamesdesigns-3

Mermaid Tail blanket cassjamesdesigns-4

Mermaid Tail blanket cassjamesdesigns-5
images via CassJamesDesigns |  Etsy