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10 of the Most In-Demand Skills for the Future

We have recently seen that there has been a massive focus on upskilling technical skills like data analytics and data science rather than being focused on soft skills. As you began to enter the workforce, you need to be aware of the most in-demand skills for the future. We will share with you the 10 of the most in-demand skills for the future as below.

1 Leadership

It is a crucial role that we should prepare the leaders of the future as Gen Z (born after 1997) starts entering the workforce. Knowing the important skills can make a difference for the future leaders which are as below –

Employee Engagement is known as the vital component for team performance as it has been reported that only 32% of leaders meet with their team for a discussion of employee performance and business growth. According to Global Survey done in 2017, reflected that 30% of supply chain professionals consider leadership as an important skill for supply chain managers must-have.

2 Interpersonal skills

The future is changing at a rapid speed on technology and automation, this keeping in mind it is crucial to understand that having interpersonal skills will be the most in-demand skill for the future. The most effective skill is communication that could differentiate between leader and a manager.

Communication skills would never be underestimated whether the communication would be used to communicate with clients or completing your specific project. Interpersonal skills will be the most in-demand skills in the future and for your success.

3 Critical thinking and Problem-Solving

There are specific professions that require critical thinking like science and engineering in their day-to-day work lives. Also, critical thinking is not just limited to those areas but having this skill can make you truly competitive in the market.

We all have been surrounded by the data which is provided by artificial intelligence and machine learning, so you could make strategic decisions and solve problems. Thus, critical thinking and problem-solving would be the most in-demand skills for the future.

4 Creativity and Innovation

Day by day technology is getting improved in every industry, so you need to be innovative as well as creative. We have always been told to think outside of the box but the question always arises how?

You must have the ability to see the different projects in different kinds of ways and you will become creative in that way.

According to the study done by LinkedIn, the most in-demand skill for the future is creativity. As technology is getting advance, the work which does not require creativity is being replaced by technology.

5 Growth Mindset

A growth mindset follows from having critical thinking and problem-solving ability. As the work environment is changing rapidly, you need a Growth Mindset.

So, the question is what is Growth Mindset?

In short terms, a Growth Mindset means continuously improve yourself and being updated about the latest innovations and trends happening in your industry. Having a Growth Mindset means you can perform better in your industry as your thinking style changes due to updating the latest trends.

6 Artificial intelligence

Rapid changes and advances in machine learning in AI (Artificial Intelligence) will be the key to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This will entirely change the work that we are doing right now by dealing with tasks in a precise way and that too repetitive tasks will be done faster compared to humans.

Artificial intelligence could predict future trends and provide a high user experience. Artificial Intelligence practitioners have grown 32% from the year 2019 to 2020.

As Artificial Intelligence demand has been increasing, companies will be searching for people with the same skillset for AI in the year 2021. These changes done by Artificial Intelligence can risk certain jobs but Artificial intelligence will change the style of the working system in the future.

Developing and implementing Artificial Intelligence systems, those skills will be high in demand in the future. Another emerging AI skill in 2021 will be – AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations).

This skill will combine big data, projects, and machine learning.

7 Blockchain

According to LinkedIn, Blockchain is placed as the most in-demand hard skill in the year 2020.

Blockchain is known as a decentralized public ledger as it is a reliable record of transactions and trades while cutting down the traditional authorities. In finance, the impact of blockchain is predicted as noteworthy.

8 Cloud computing

As several companies are moving their business to the cloud – cloud computing will be the most in-demand data skill in the future. Cloud computing systems are managed by the cloud engineers as they manage and develop those systems so the users could store as well as back up their files and data.

Many companies are making their products and services directly in the cloud and thus, cloud-native architecture skills could be in demand in the year 2021.

9 Augmented reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR)

Commonly, it is known as XR (Extended Reality).

Many industries such as advertising, health, education, and entertainment have been adopted XR technology and will be the most in-demand skills for 2021.

The prediction has been made by software engineers that the full impact of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will be seen in the coming 5 years.

Moreover, developing knowledge will help IT, professionals, in coding for XR (Extended Reality).

10 UI/UX Design

UI (User Interface) where the designers need to make the interface of the website and applications, so it could be visually attractive and easy to navigate by the user. UX (User Experience) where the specialist needs to do lots of testing and research about the element of the website where users will interact, they do co-ordinate with the UI designers and developers.

According to LinkedIn, UX design is one of the top five in-demand hard skills in the year 2020. Finally, UI is better for those who want to focus on the general look, visuals, layout, product, and feel of the page. UX is better for who want to use testing and analysis to help business and meet their user’s need.


As the technology is getting advanced rapidly in every competitive Industry. You need to keep your skills up to the required standard. The 10 of the most in-demand skills for the future mentioned above will make you prepared for the future competitive market as well as your success.

Skills such as leadership, interpersonal skills, creative thinking, problem-solving ability, and growth mindset will provide you a competitive edge in the market.

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