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Mother Gets Creative, Sends Her Baby Son on Wild Adventures

Daniela Babic, Theodore’s mother, decided to get innovative when she was frustrated with her photos’ quality and wondered how else she could photograph her children.

The Austria-based shutterbug then dabbled in Photoshop and started carrying out digital manipulations, combining photos of Theodore with shots she took at a local zoo.

baby-son-on-wild-adventures-photos 2

What resulted was an awesome creative series with Theodore’s many adorable expressions and poses blending seamlessly with the rest of the photo.

baby-son-on-wild-adventures-photos 3baby-son-on-wild-adventures-photos 1

baby-son-on-wild-adventures-photos 4 baby-son-on-wild-adventures-photos 5 baby-son-on-wild-adventures-photos 6 baby-son-on-wild-adventures-photos 7 baby-son-on-wild-adventures-photos 8 baby-son-on-wild-adventures-photos 9 baby-son-on-wild-adventures-photos 10 baby-son-on-wild-adventures-photos 11 baby-son-on-wild-adventures-photos 12 baby-son-on-wild-adventures-photos 13 baby-son-on-wild-adventures-photos 14 baby-son-on-wild-adventures-photos 15 baby-son-on-wild-adventures-photos 16