7 New Best iPhone and iPad apps

In this roundup of the best new released iOS apps for your iPhone and iPad. This new applications selection includes motorcycle racing, Superb social networking, Odysseus for children, Sequence music, Breeze fitness, and games apps.


1. Trials Frontier

This is probably the best bike game you will ever come across.  The game sees you racing motorcycles across a range of courses and missions, with just-so physics and well-tuned social features making it one of the most addictive iOS games so far this year.



2. Odysseus for kids

Odysseus app that’s aiming to get 6-10 year-olds interested in the Odyssey over 15 animated scenes, with an interactive map, mini-games and multiple languages thrown into the mix – part of a series of educational history apps from its developer Quelle Histoire.



3. Superb

Superb app aims to help you have more fun, connect with friends in the offline world. Essentially a “Hot or Not” for local places, users swipe through a list of venue suggestions, including restaurants, bars, museums, parks, and more, registering their interest. Afterwards, they can see who among their friends, friends of friends and beyond also want to go to the same places and can then coordinate an outing.



4. Unpossible

Unpossible by Acceleroto is the ultimate 3-D twitch reflex game. Unpossible is played with easy to learn controls with options for touch, tilt and external controllers.



5. Sequence

Sequence is like a drum machine you can use to create looping rhythms and melodies. Building on the design of a traditional step sequencer and similar musical devices, Sequence makes it incredibly easy to create a song with a variety of drums, percussion, and melodies.



6. Breeze

Breeze helps you effortlessly improve your fitness by giving you guidance and motivation to be more active every day, using your iPhone 5S.



7. Wonder Golf

Mini-golf and Alice in Wonderland: together at last! This game is the work of Japanese social games firm DeNA, with a stolen phone, a White Rabbit and more than 70 ball-putting levels to work your way through.