Photographer Uses Old Film Camera To Capture Beautiful Surreal Photos

Ukrainian photographer Oleg Oprisco creates beautiful surreal photos without Photoshop or any other image manipulation software. The photographs themselves are captured using Kiev 6C and Kiev 88 medium format cameras and a variety of lenses (e.g. 90mm/2.8, 180/2.8, 300/4.0). 12 shots are captured onto each roll of film, and Oprisco is not able to review the photos he captured until he gets the film processed. He uses statuesque beauties with dramatic landscapes to create these stunning images. Oleg says he likes film photography because it makes him appreciate every single frame and it makes seeing the final result all the more magical.


surreal-film-photography-by-oleg-oprisco 1

surreal-film-photography-by-oleg-oprisco 2

surreal-film-photography-by-oleg-oprisco 3

surreal-film-photography-by-oleg-oprisco 4

surreal-film-photography-by-oleg-oprisco 5

surreal-film-photography-by-oleg-oprisco 6

surreal-film-photography-by-oleg-oprisco 7

surreal-film-photography-by-oleg-oprisco 8

surreal-film-photography-by-oleg-oprisco 9

surreal-film-photography-by-oleg-oprisco 10

surreal-film-photography-by-oleg-oprisco 11

surreal-film-photography-by-oleg-oprisco 12

surreal-film-photography-by-oleg-oprisco 13

surreal-film-photography-by-oleg-oprisco 14

surreal-film-photography-by-oleg-oprisco 15

surreal-film-photography-by-oleg-oprisco 16

surreal-film-photography-by-oleg-oprisco 17

surreal-film-photography-by-oleg-oprisco 18

surreal-film-photography-by-oleg-oprisco 19

surreal-film-photography-by-oleg-oprisco 20

surreal-film-photography-by-oleg-oprisco 21

You can see more of his extraordinary photographs on Facebook and his website


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