20 Incredible Photos That Use Shadows in Creative Ways

Photography Shadows

Here is a collection of photographs show that shadows can be used in so many different ways to create incredible photos. Whether you’re shooting in black and white or colour, or going for a minimalistic look or a vibrant photo, shadows are a great way to transform a simple subject into something incredible.

Sunset by Enes Emin Bahadır


Photography Shadows

Bushman kid in Namibia by Peter Fisch

by Carlos Esparducer

Man dog & shadow by Korneliusz Moczko

Fitness by JF Photography

Wichita Art by Matt Katzenberger

s h a d o w p l a y by Jonhy Blaze

shadow play by Jonhy Blaze

Fresh Powder by Jure Batagelj

The real creator by Pedro Dias

Splitting hairs-from my series by Carlos Caicedo

Sunset at West lake – Hanoi by Quang Vu

Under the bridges by Marc Bidoul

Morning Haze by Julia & Thomas Pictures

The Shadow by Subhash Saha

Shadow Of The Man He Used To Be by I am Bad Photographer

Yosemite Sunrise God Rays by Shuo Seal

Frozen Lake Bled by Aleš Krivec

Natural shadows by Pieter Bos

tree shadow by Zsofia Zsemberi